compost or topsoil for overseeding

The biggest benefit of compost is of course that you are diverting green waste from landfill. All of our services are focused on giving you a healthy, aesthetically pleasing landscape that will attract tenants and visitors. Having nutrient-rich soil helps lay the groundwork (pun intended) for having your lawn overseeded. The compost you create is free and will help any type of plant thrive. Complete Your Lawn Services With Overseeding. The best time to aerate your lawn is during the fall before you begin a fertilization program or decide to overseed. Once your compost has rotted down you have not only saved your green waste from landfill but you have created a disease free, weed free soil which can be used everywhere and for every purpose. But after months of foot traffic, equipment use on the grass and thatch building up on your lawn, those necessities will have a hard time reaching the turf’s roots. You can also add dried leaves and twigs which helps to keep your garden clear. It can also be used as a base to improve existing lawns or to create an area for a new lawn. We encourage our clients to ask why we do things a certain way here at Level Green Landscaping. You can buy it in bulk from garden centers. So if you’re looking at compost or topsoil, then compost wins hands down. The economy grade is unscreened. If your compost bin doesn’t have the ability to collect tea separately, just add a shovel full of compost into a bucket with water and then drain off the water to use. A problem with compost is that you need space to make it. topdressing an overseed - topsoil or compost? “Hot” composting, where a bin is insulated and used to trap heat, can speed up the composting process but this again will take a lot of work mixing and adding the right balance of materials. However, seed covered more than ¼" of soil … My soil … Compost has several benefits, which is why our team at Level Green Landscaping applies it as part of our services. The premium grade has been screened and should have no weed seeds and will be full of good, rich soil. ). If your soil needs improving, adding compost can help. Archived. If done regularly, overseeding will create healthier, thicker turf that looks better and suppresses the growth of weeds in the turf. So to break up the compaction that happens during time and also keep your turf healthy, have a commercial landscaping company aerate it annually. But is the wrong product for many applications that call for topsoil. You can spread it as mulch, mix it in with your soil to improve quality, water down compost tea as a liquid fertiliser or even just spread it onto an aerated lawn. The purpose of compost is to build or improve topsoil. topdressing an overseed - topsoil or compost? Compost or topsoil? Some people apply grass seed to the lawn and then cover with ⅛ to ¼" of topsoil or compost. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(633802, '36732c36-9800-41a9-8b10-1a983d559b8f', {}); Doug Delano (and Bill Hardy) opened Level Green Landscaping LLC in 2002 to offer Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia reliable commercial landscape maintenance services. Topsoil is basically the top layer of the soil, where everything grows (find out more about the definition of topsoil).So if the soil in your garden is very shallow, or you are making new garden beds, adding or replacing a lawn, or putting in raised beds and need to add new soil, top soil is what you need. As the compost materials are usually leftover food or kitchen scraps, it can be a smelly and unpleasant process. You can then sow grass seeds straight on top or lay turf. Compost is a mixture of vegetative matter that has broken down during time to form a rich mixture of humus. Topsoil vs Compost for overseeding. Post by Vocian » Sat Aug 15, 2020 1:42 pm. That means if one grass plant dies, the surrounding ones won’t necessarily cover the hole left by the grass. If your compost bin doesn’t have the ability to collect tea separately, just add a shovel full of compost into a bucket with water and then drain off the water to use. Mix compost with excavated soil to make an enriched backfill. commercial, office, mixed-use, retail, HOA, condominium, municipality and institution properties. We provide commercial landscape maintenance services like lawn aeration in Maryland, Northern Virginia and Washington DC. But at Level Green Landscaping, our maintenance crews understand you need a good soil foundation if your landscape is going to look (and feel) its best.

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