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The Commission was established over 50 years ago as an interstate compact on education policy. They frequently research and publish reports on education policy as it relates to state education. This report reviews state responses to concussion concerns, and provides examples of provisions put in place by California, Connecticut, and Texas. * Education Commission of the States By coincidence or not, Massachusetts, Illinois and Virginia created civic education task forces not long after national test results showed a dismal understanding of the subject matter across all grade levels. The Education Commission of the States (ECS) tracks policy, translates research, provides advice and "creates opportunities for state policymakers to learn from one another". In addition to cataloging governors’ education-related policy proposals and celebrations, we have published seven papers providing analysis of the top trends in education policy priorities outlined by governors. At the same time, many states' policy agendas address school choice, with ongoing discussion by champions and critics alike. Forty-nine states, three territories and the District of Columbia constitute the commission's current membership. The Education Commission is a global initiative encouraging progress on Sustainable Development Goal 4 – inclusive and quality education for all. Education Commission of the States Education is a critical pathway by which children can rise out of the cycle of poverty. The Education Commission of the States is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that primarily operates as a public policy think tank. One focus of the commission is understanding broad educational trends—such as remediation or college readiness—across states. Each member state or territory is represented by seven commissioners -- the governor and six other individuals, typically legislators, chief state school officers, state school board members, higher education officials, and business leaders. ECS' Vital Signs measures the health of the K-12 STEM learning enterprise, state by state. Over the past 15 years, Education Commission of the States has read and summarized State of the State addresses delivered across the nation. EDUCATION COMMISSION OF THE STATES: TEXAS GENERAL BUSINESS: WRITE REVIEW: Address: 707 17th St Ste 2700 Denver, CO 80202-3425: Registered Agent: Not On File: Filing Date: File Number: 13107221940: Contact Us About The Company Profile For Education Commission Of The States Education Commission of the States (ECS) reviewed legislation in the 50 states to see how state leaders are responding to concerns about concussions in youth sports. The Education Commission of the States gathers and analyzes data concerning education needs and resources as well as encourages research in all aspects of education. The Commission is creating a pathway for education reform and increased investment by mobilizing strong evidence and analysis. Suspensions and expulsions have long been employed in schools to discipline students for disruptive behavior and maintain a safe school environment. Since the Every Student Succeeds Act became law, states have taken advantage of opportunities to engage the arts more broadly in education policy -- from including the arts in STEM education to using the arts as a strategy to meet the needs of underserved youth. Billions of dollars are invested annually in America's public schools and considerable improvement has been made in academic achievement and educational attainment.

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