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But you will draw. When you are talking close to 30 tags in the unit at a time, hunting can become a competitive sport. Location – Gore Range, North Side of Hwy 70 You need to scout this unit or you can waste a lot of time in old pockets that no longer hold billies. West of Buena Vista, this unit is south of the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness. The best experience and chance at a big billy, in 2019 and beyond, is going to involve a backpack-style hunt. Colorado does not even allow you in the lottery to draw a tag until you have 3 preference points. Getting the good billies takes scouting and game planning. Stats Apply For Sex Manner Season Type Quality – 8” to 9.5” Billies Great hides the first week of the 2nd hunt. This is one of my favorite units to guide. This country can kill you and has killed hunters in recent history. It use to have more goats and was touted for years as Colorado’s top goat unit by several magazines. Montana is an exception because it issues more non-resident tags than any other state, though even Montana only issues 20. Quality – 8” to 9” Billies posted by Cliff Gray on February 7,2019 in Blog Posts. Easier to draw than G2, but you are going to have to work harder here. Success Rate – If you can get up in the rugged terrain, you can kill a mid-size goat. If you draw a mountain goat tag, be sure to contact us for the best outfitters. Mountain Goat Hunting Statistics Draw Recap Report s and Hunting Statistics. My personal guiding here has been 100% harvest. This can lead to many awkward discussions on the trail and, I personally feel, it takes away from the experience of the hunt. There is a point system in place in Montana that squares your bonus points. Lost your password? Draw – For the average hunter, this hunt is marginally overvalued in the draw. Not known for older age class billies. The draw odds for a mountain goat are pretty small, but still better than sheep or moose. Conservation efforts have also helped to increase the numbers. The hunting experience here is great, but you pay for that in the draw vs units like G12 and G13 which are typically 3-4x times easier to draw. Because of intense hunting pressure, billies are much easier to harvest during the first season but do not have near the hide they will in the second season. Success Rate – Varies a lot on hunter’s mental and physical preparedness. Monday – Friday: 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.     Saturday: By Appointment      Sunday: Closed    (314) 279-8877. There are nice goats in the unit, but most of them are only accessible via a backpack style hunt. Draw – This unit is about right when it comes to draw odds. Mountain goats are thriving in the west for a few reasons, but one of them is because they live in areas that people don’t want to build houses on. The agency manages 42 state parks, all of Colorado's wildlife, more than 300 state wildlife areas and a host of recreational programs. A physical hunt. Princeton . And that goes for even the “easiest” draw areas. The area is full of stunning terrain. The area is high elevation and goats of any size are usually found in the basins you have to work to get into. A slightly less demanding option is a hunt in the Kodiak mountains but even those are still going to require stamina. In 2018, the tag became harder to draw because tags were reduced from 6 to 4. Idaho has decent non-resident draw odds, but they are still fairly slim (1 in 50). Type – Wilderness Hunt (Eagle Nest Wilderness), rough country If you don’t see a unit discussed, it’s because there are no goats in that unit… haha.. gotcha… actually it’s because I don’t have any valuable insight for that particular area. The terrain here is a little more forgiving, so I worry slightly less about snow hindering the 2nd season hunt. Colorado Draw Odds & Information. 3) The hunting pressure is nuts. Easier to draw than G2, but you are going to have to work harder here. I have guided many hunts here with 100% success on mature billies. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. ... after doing some in depth research I decided to go after one of the lesser demand units in Colorado. Type – High altitude, rolling alpine with some rougher rim rock country at lower elevations. Averages harder to draw than G12. Outfitted Wilderness Elk Hunts, Physical Preparation for High-Altitude Wilderness Elk Hunts – Endurance and Strength, Flat Tops Archery, Muzzy, and 1st Rifle 2014 Hunting Report, Understanding The Colorado Sheep, Goat and Moose Draw, 2019 Fishing Report and 2020 Fishing Trip Opportunities, 2020 CO Draw Reminder, Covid-19 and Draw Sensitive Openings, Colorado Mountain Goat Draw Recommendations 2020, Colorado Bighorn Sheep Draw Recommendations 2020, Guide to the Colorado 2020 Mule Deer, Elk, Bear Draw and How To Apply, 2019 Hunting Report and 2020 Booking Opportunities, Corporate and Family Wilderness Adventures. Really a kick-ass, great unit. In Washington, for example, there were only two non-resident permits allocated in 2017. Success Rate – Varies a lot on hunter’s mental and physical toughness. Type – High altitude, rolling alpine with some rougher rim rock country at lower elevations. A couple more years of reduced tag numbers and there should be some great older billies in here. Here comes your 2019 Colorado mountain goat unit recommendations! My personal guiding here has been 100% harvest. We also have over-the-counter mountain goat tags available. Do-It-Yourself Wilderness Elk Hunts Vs. Mule Deer Hunting, Elk Hunting and Western Big Game Hunting. Goat preference points in order to draw the tag. Lots of terrain here is un-doable once it has a slick of snow on it. Just North of G2, G3 is similar but does not have as good of access. Goats are getting pushed further into the gnarliest of terrain in the Bells, which might be the most rugged in the Western States. This unit hunts a lot like G2. Draw – Like G2, there has been a reduction in tags down to 4 instead of the historical 6. You can apply online starting March 1st on the CPW’s website. If you are a hunter in good physical shape, this hunt is undervalued in the draw. What folks don’t realize is the time it takes to actually get into goats here surpasses the time savings in a vehicle, by 10-fold. Quality – 8” to 9” Billies The terrain here is a little more forgiving, so I worry slightly less about snow hindering the 2nd season hunt. 2) The terrain here is rugged. The hunting here is usually long glassing sessions from 4×4 accessible points followed by long stalks of varying difficulty. Once I factor in the potential for snow on the rugged goat habitat during 2nd season, I lean a bit towards the first season. Success Rate – Great area to hunt goats. Large unit with lots of pockets of goats. The Gore Range is serious business and this is a challenging unit. I have found goats in several pockets that don’t have any history of goat harvests. Goats are not too savvy, but they do move to rough country after sustained pressure. My personal guiding here has been 100% harvest. Just because you can glass-up goats from a parking lot, does not mean you are going to be able to ethically harvest them. Your personal data will be used to support your experience throughout this website, to manage access to your account, and for other purposes described in our privacy policy.

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