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Draw – I view this as a good value draw. Each point that you accumulate has a value in that it increases your odds of drawing a tag by a certain percentage. The odds continue to worsen as there are more and more applicants. Colorado Bighorn Sheep Draw Recommendations 2020. posted by Cliff Gray on February 29,2020 in Blog Posts. New Mexico requires applicants to front the $3,173 tag fee in addition to a $13 application fee. Draw – I view this as a good value draw. Draw – This hunt is slightly overvalued in the draw for a resident, way overvalued for a nonresident. I knew one of the archers in 2019. The better quality is in the road-less wilderness. With ≈30 non-resident Desert Bighorn sheep tags issued annually, Nevada offers more Desert Bighorn tags more than all other Western states combined. Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep Hunting Statistics Draw Recap Report s and Hunting Statistics. I knew three of the tag holders in 2018 and kept tabs on their hunts. However, most years residents draw all of the Desert Bighorn sheep tags leaving none for non-residents. Location – Southwest of Buena Vista Still some decent opportunity for 160-170″ sheep. 2019 treated us well on the bighorn sheep front, but we’ll still top it in 2020. Quality – Representative quality. If you are looking at a true back-country experience, this is the unit where you are competing against your own limitations, not other ram hunters. I'd like to at least eat a sheep. Heavy scouting to find older age class rams. Historically, a single tag makes for a non-competitive environment. Sheep bordering Eagles Nest Wilderness. Type – Located next to our primary outfitting area. Applicants are required to submit $2320 at the time of application and unsuccessful applicants will have all but $165 refunded shortly after the draws completed. The more accessible bands are pretty picked through. Quality – There are big rams in this unit, 170”+ ram should be the goal. Location – East Maroon Bells. Historically this unit has been hit or miss, year-to-year. Success Rate – High success rate hunt, but still not a slam dunk on mature rams by any means. However, guided hunters will probably harvest bigger rams in S2 for 2020. Spending a hundred or more dollars each year knowing that it will be another 20 before you have a decent chance at pulling a tag can be discouraging. The rams spend Winter and early Spring in the lower areas, in-view of Vail. I have also posted an article on my 2019 Colorado goat unit recommendations here. For $10 hunters can enter for a chance to win a fully guided Desert Bighorn sheep hunt with flexible dates. I guess this is becoming an annual thing around here! On the archery front, this hunt is valued about right vs S44, an easier-to-draw but more difficult hunt. Currently, Utah operates a true lottery system in allocating their sheep tags. The agency manages 42 state parks, all of Colorado's wildlife, more than 300 state wildlife areas and a host of recreational programs. S11 has more sheep but also 3x the pressure from other ram hunters. 2020 Elk Hunt Recap - Points needed to draw tags. After paying the $65 annual hunting license it’s only $10 as an add-on species and becomes more economical if you’re planning to apply for multiple species. This unit requires serious scouting and serious hunting. Draw odds are less than 1% and if successful hunters are required to have a guide or a resident accompanied them into the rough wilderness country where most of the sheep are found. This hunt is a tough backpack hunt. Glassing spots are few and far between. In the most recent draw cycle 4 Desert Bighorn sheep tags were issued to a pool of thousands of nonresident applicants. Key is not to shoot the first decent ram in there. In many units there have been changes on the regulatory, quota, and sheep behavior fronts; more so than the last couple years, so hunters should consider adjusting which tags they put in for. Colorado Parks and Wildlife is a nationally recognized leader in conservation, outdoor recreation and wildlife management. posted by Cliff Gray on February 29,2020 in Blog Posts. Steep terrain. The pressure on the rams throughout August is going to make this a more difficult rifle hunt. Monday – Friday: 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.     Saturday: By Appointment      Sunday: Closed    (314) 279-8877. Even with tough draw odds and a high initial investment New Mexico is a serious state to consider applying to especially for the hunter with few, if any, points in other states. In 2016, hunters did really well and pulled a lot of quality out of the unit. Type – High and steep. To apply its $156 plus an additional $16.50. Backpack and hike-in only. I suspect it will have draw odds similar to S2 in 2020. If the archery hunt appeals to you, take a look at the two new tags in S66 also. This is why immature rams get harvested here. But I was eyeballing the license prices and noticed that ewe/lamb tags for a nonres are $240. Because most hunters apply for Rocky Mountain Bighorn the Desert Sheep tags often have better draw odds than the Rocky’s. I keep tabs on these rams as they are near my home. Frustrated hunters tend to end up harvesting young sheep. During rifle season, one of the rifle hunters was able to harvest a nice ram outside of the historical harvest areas. Success Rate – Archery success is low, mainly due to the terrain. If unsuccessful, applicants will receive all but $13 back on their card within a few weeks of the draw. Three high caliber rams don’t exist in the unit, so consider this the last opportunity to take a large ram out of the unit for the next 2-4 years. With a non-refundable $170 hunting license and less than desirable draw odds, California can be a cost prohibitive state unless you are already planning to use the hunting license for a different species. S11 takes in parts of the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness and hits Independence Pass on its Northern border. Outside of that, this is a back-country backpack deal. Stunning area with a mix of road-less hunting area and road access. Outfitted Wilderness Elk Hunts, Physical Preparation for High-Altitude Wilderness Elk Hunts – Endurance and Strength, Flat Tops Archery, Muzzy, and 1st Rifle 2014 Hunting Report, Understanding The Colorado Sheep, Goat and Moose Draw, 2019 Fishing Report and 2020 Fishing Trip Opportunities, 2020 CO Draw Reminder, Covid-19 and Draw Sensitive Openings, Colorado Mountain Goat Draw Recommendations 2020, Colorado Bighorn Sheep Draw Recommendations 2020, Guide to the Colorado 2020 Mule Deer, Elk, Bear Draw and How To Apply, 2019 Hunting Report and 2020 Booking Opportunities, Corporate and Family Wilderness Adventures. Unlike some states you don’t have to purchase the tag until after you’ve been drawn. This herd has been dwindling over the past twenty-five years. It doesn’t feel like a great rifle sheep area because the terrain is so tight, but access to big rams is there. Includes application fees, draw odds, and more detailed information. Accessible mid to older age-class rams will get harvested quickly. Plus you can apply for premium tags which are also random for everyone. Expectation should be a representative mature ram. All these units are close to home for us. The hunting here is easier than S2 and higher success for your average sheep hunter. Cliff is a private pilot, certified wilderness first responder, and an official measurer for both Boone & Crockett and Pope & Young records programs. Most units within New Mexico have 180”+ potential. Draw- I view this hunt as comparable to the S11 hunt in terms of quality, access, sheep numbers, etc…. However, there are still some nice rams remaining here. Thousands of hunters salivate at the prospects of drawing a bighorn sheep tag in the Lower 48, realizing that a sheep hunt anywhere else – Mexico, Alberta, Alaska, … Unfortunately, for many hunters who choose each year not to apply they will never experience that feeling. The Last Frontier's application breakdown plus valuable information for when you apply. The wildcard in this unit is the two new archery tags. Colorado Parks & Wildlife (CPW) has developed a new and improved Draw Recap Report, which provides a wealth of information for hunters. Boundary of unit changed in 2016. Two representative rams were taken by non-guided hunters in 2018, but in the 3-4 years before that DIY hunters harvest was practically non-existent. Early archery season in August is a great time to hire a guide and get it done. However, don’t let this trick you into thinking they will be there during hunting season. Based on B&C entries Arizona is also home to the largest population of trophy bighorn sheep in the world. In 2019 and 2018, we guided successful hunters in this unit. I have also posted an article on my 2020 Colorado goat unit recommendations here. Similar to the age-old adage “the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now.” The best time to begin the sheep application process was 20 years ago, but here we are today and you might as well get the ball rolling. Highly dependent on scouting to harvest a decent ram. 2020 Mule Deer Hunt Recap - Points needed to draw tags. At roughly 2x better odds, this unit is a better draw value.

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