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During COP18, the Foundation played a crucial role in supporting the ‘Doha Miracle’ gender decision under the UNFCCC which led to a work programme on gender. The Mary Robinson Foundation – Climate Justice. These principles acknowledge that the responsibility to respect human rights is a global standard of expected conduct for all businesses wherever they operate. Considering the lives already being affected by climate change challenges us to reflect on the devastating harm being done by so-called “business-as-usual ”. Climate justice links human rights and development to achieve a human-centred approach, safeguarding the rights of the most vulnerable people and sharing the burdens and benefits of climate change and its impacts equitably and fairly. It’s a slim, important book highlighting the work being undertaken by women around the world, pulling together to force governments and power holders to take climate change seriously. It was only afterwards, when I was leading an organisation called ‘Realizing Rights’, that I met many farmers across Africa – mostly women – who would tell me that the seasons were no longer predictable. Guided by core principles the Mary Robinson Foundation Climate Justice dedicates itself to action in order to realise its vision of a wo… The greatest tragedy that is unfolding for the people of Kiribati is that the rising sea levels have forced the administration to consider “migration with dignity” for the people. On the first Gender Day ever held at a COP, during COP18/CMP8 in Doha, Qatar, Cate Owren, former Director, Women’s Environment and Development Organization, Alcinda Abreu, Minister of the Environment, Mozambique, Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary, Climate Change Secretariat, UNFCCC, and Mary Robinson, President, Mary Robinson Foundation – Climate Justice (left to right) discussed gender issues at a panel discussion. What are the risks if this does not happen? The impacts of climate changes are different for women and men, with women likely to bear the greater burden in situations of poverty. It is often seen as distant and highly technical. Mary Robinson was the first woman President of Ireland (1990-1997), and is a former United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (1997-2002). I recently interviewed Mark Kenber of the Climate Group, on the role of business in climate change policy. • Climate Justice: Hope, Resilience and the Fight for a Sustainable Future by Mary Robinson is published by Bloomsbury (£16.99). It is voluntary and, to date, 20 countries have signed up. It can also foster more collaboration within and between countries as more practical examples of best practice emerge. Latest Case Studies. The Nansen Initiative, launched in 2012, has been working towards a protection agenda for people displaced across borders in the context of climate change, and the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction also addresses issues of displacement and human mobility. Climate change exacerbates existing inequalities, including gender inequalities. Climate justice focuses our attention on people, rather than ice-caps and greenhouse gases. No spam. I began to realise that the climate shocks in African countries were making it much harder to achieve food security and were undermining development prospects. In practice, this sharing of best practice and expertise helps policymakers demystify what is meant by respecting human rights in climate action and makes clear why considering human rights will make climate action more effective. Mary Robinson—Climate justice is a moral argument in two parts. We welcome feedback. To get the best stories from Road to Paris in one PDF, download a copy of our magazine. In Niger, for example, fertility rates are very high, almost six times higher than in Germany, but each person in Germany emits roughly the same amount of carbon dioxide in a year as one hundred people in Niger. IIEA Development Matters Series 2018 supported by Irish Aid; Read more. As the window to act gets smaller, the likelihood that this action will be hastily implemented increases and this, in turn, will increase the very real human rights risks associated with rapid mitigation action. There have already been well documented cases of human rights violations in the name of climate action. The gender dimension of climate change, and in turn climate justice, must be highlighted. Women’s voices must be heard and their priorities supported as part of climate justice. Ever, Writer, researcher and consultant on climate change, energy policy & sustainable development. The challenge is to ensure that all people have access to clean, renewable energy sources to power their sustainable development – this would help to overcome all three issues. A book group friend suggested I read Climate Justice by Mary Robinson, who, following the birth of her first grandchild, felt compelled to curate this inspiring collection of women’s stories. She has received many honours and awards throughout the world including the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Obama. President Tong has purchased land on Fiji as an insurance policy, should climate change drive his people from their island home. In many countries and cultures, women are at the forefront of living with the reality of the injustices caused by climate change. Earlier this year, I met with President Anote Tong of Kiribati. No leader should have to consider the necessary conditions that would allow the people to retain their dignity as they are displaced from their homeland.

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