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Clematis varieties are grouped by bloom time and size as early flowering, large-flowered hybrids and late flowering. Showy deep purple-violet flowers cover this climbing vine throughout most of the summer. Vigorous and extremely floriferous! Pest damage can also come from earwigs and spider mites. Jackman's clematis is a hybrid plant, which is why the botanical name of this buttercup-family member is sometimes given as C. x Jackmanii, the parents being C. lanuginosa and C. viticella. The vine always looks terrible over winter with dried leaves clinging to the vines so I'd really like to clean it up now. An excellent vine for adding vertical interest to the landscape on a fence or trellis, or along rock walls. While some perform a drastic pruning, most growers prune clematis in a more targeted fashion, cutting the vines down to a preferred height where there are good leaf buds present. Many growers train their clematis vines to climb upon other plants (shrubs and vines, mainly). It very much prefers consistent moisture. But popular plants generally gain their popularity for good reasons. 'Jackmanii' is a hybrid clematis cultivar resulting from a cross between C. lanuginosa and C. viticella. It can be trained up almost any vertical structure, from garden walls to small trees. A gardener's favorite since its introduction in 1862! If the root system is strong, the plant may recover by the next season. Jackman's clematis is not the only kind with bluish or purple flowers. Even if you do plant a specific variety for its bloom time, sunlight, USDA zone , and soil quality can cause it to deviate from your expectations. The fact that a great many people grow it does not detract from these superior qualities; on the contrary, it confirms them. The best time to prune these plants is late summer, right after they bloom. They are divided into 3 groups which determine how they should be pruned. From tree huggers to container varieties, there is a Clematis for every garden and flowers for almost every month of the year! I know it is recommended to prune it, like other Group 3 clematis, in late winter and/or just before they resume growth in the spring because they bloom on current season's growth. Bloom Time: July Bloom Description: Blue-purple Sun: Full sun to part shade Water: Medium ... 'Jackmanii' is a hybrid clematis cultivar resulting from a cross between C. lanuginosa and C. viticella. If the soil gets too hot, it is bad for the vine's roots. This vine is fussier than most plants about how you plant it. It is best not to prune a new vine very much, giving it time to put on some growth (unless it is to remove dead branches, which can be done at any time) But once it matures, a clematis may begin to lose vigor or become overgrown, and this is the time to begin an early spring pruning regimen. Jackman's clematis prefers fertile, well-drained soil. I did add some organic fertilizer to the ground around the plant's base last fall. Otherwise, apply a complete fertilizer each spring, then monthly through the growing season. It will twine its way around any support (trellis, etc.) If clematis wilt appears, remove all damaged portions of the vine. Hardy to zones 4-11, it is incredibly free-flowering and can quickly grow up to 8-12 ft. long (240-360 cm). Note this is the default cart. The 4-petaled blossoms are held wide open and measure 3-4 in. I don't prune it unless it starts taking over something it shouldn't. Jackman's clematis is a vigorous yet compact vine with fabulous flowers. Its symptoms are a sudden progressive shriveling of the entire plant, usually in early summer. 'Jackmanii' is the cultivar name. It will drop it's flowers during prolonged extreme heat, but that's rare here. To use the website as intended please  Our forefathers did not want to leave this beauty behind. Jackmanii is fairly common so maybe someone else will have one to compare. Combining early flowering Clematis with your... As climbers, Clematis are unsurpassed in their... From tree huggers to container varieties, there... * Top picture is courtesy of Botanik Foto. It features a more profuse bloom of more rounded and slightly larger flowers. Another way to keep your vine's roots cool is to spread about 2 inches of mulch over the root zone. Clematis Jackmanii - Common name:Vine - Immigrated from England in the 1850's. If your clematis sends up most of its new growth from the base of the plant, it's a type that sets flowers on current year vines. Combining these two plants together has the benefit of... Use our interactive toolsto design your dream garden. In my garden, 'Harlow Carr' takes the cake for an extended bloom period, from May well into October. Create a membership account to save your garden designs and to view them on any device.

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