importance of medical research powerpoint

Research can establish new drugs and products for the treatment of disease, change how the medical community approaches a disease, and much more. Translational research: an important area for medical based science It takes 2 minutes to read this article. Scientific Research Professional PPT. “Medical writing is the activity of writing scientific documentation by someone who is a specialized writer (a medical writer) and is generally not one of the scientists or doctors whose research it was.” Examples of Medical Writing Journal articles Original research Review articles Editorials, case reports, etc. As the main federal agency for funding medical research, the NIH is on the front line of the fight against disease. Vector icons 100% editable Free images and artwork Professional business presentation is a platform for academics to share research papers. Many universities worldwide recognises the importance of research in pre-medical and medical education and encourages students to take an active role in their respective fields of study. Importance of Medical Ethics The study of ethics prepares medical professionals to recognize difficult situations and to deal with them in a rational and principled manner. Curiosity: the biggest drive to medical breakthroughs Many basic medical science researchers focus specifically on understanding the molecular mechanisms of disease, usually with the end goal of development of therapeutics. Shortchanging medical research means shortchanging our own future health and well-being. Ethics is also important in physicians’ interactions with society and their colleagues and for the conduct of medical research… techniques. Easy customization 100% fully editable PowerPoint slides Fully editable content (graphics and text) via PowerPoint - No Photoshop needed!

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