carbon footprint of wood burning stoves

Drax says the only carbon footprint from burning those pellets is from the harvesting, processing, and transporting of the wood. Ask a chimney sweep or stove installer. Even in rural Hampshire woodstoves can cause dangerous air quality. Ten Most Common Reasons a Fire Won’t Start in a Fireplace – Pt 2, Ten Most Common Reasons a Fire Won’t Start in a Fireplace – Pt 1. Overall, a timber-fueled system provides a great all around solution to a home heating fuel source. Our government is being dragged towards action on air pollution: ClientEarth won court rulings to make them produce realistic plans for meeting EU air pollution limits and now the EU has issued a final warning. Low Cost – Wood burning stoves and fireplace inserts are the most cost effective source of energy. Next point to consider is that wood is a “renewable” resource. Burning wood on an open fire is about 6 times more polluting than in a simple stove and loses a lot of heat up the chimney, even when the fire is out. For this reason, some modern stoves are so completely clean burning that they are approved for use in smokeless areas indoors. During that incident Cambridge levels of PM2.5 were  9/10 on the index. Wood-burning stoves offer a low-carbon alternative to heating your home using fossil fuels. People who bought diesel cars because of their lower carbon emissions are now joined by woodstove owners in facing the inconvenient truth of their bad health effects. Trees absorb carbon dioxide as they grow, which is returned to the atmosphere when their wood is burned. New wood burning stoves and fireplace inserts are engineered with fuel economy in mind and health and environmental concerns kept as the highest priority. “We think about half of the peak was from wood smoke” said Timothy Baker, air pollution expert at King’s College London. We can’t grow oil, but we can (and do) grow more trees. And even less ash. In the meantime, if you use a woodstove, please be neighbourly by running it hot and efficient to reduce smoke,  not lighting it when bad air pollution is forecast: If you notice wood smoke indoors, you may be exposed to dangerous levels if it persists – at levels you may not smell. Expect tighter regulation on wood burning  before long, particularly in cities. 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Domestic wood smoke contributes about a third of all UK PM2.5, which is  2.4 times more than traffic. It’s time to re-think. Wood is abundantly available and homeowners can often find a source of wood to burn for free! Sums with wood. What is the White Staining on My Chimney? It’s renewable fuel with much lower CO2 emissions than gas or electricity. Today we have more wooded acres than we did 100 years ago and the balance is carefully managed to preserve our wooded lands. First of all, burning wood releases carbon dioxide. © 2011- 2015 Northeastern Chimney, Inc. All rights reserved - All content is protected by the Federal Copyright Act, and legally cannot be reproduced elsewhere without permission - Unauthorized Use is Tracked Automatically and will be prosecuted. This local purchasing reduces the pollution emitted during the transportation process and ensures the entire process is sustainable. So this really is a major health problem, with wood smoke a significant contributor. Wood burning stoves use a replenishable and inexpensive fuel that is extremely efficient especially when modern appliances are used. Pollutionwatch: wood burning is not climate friendly Burning wood releases more CO 2 than gas, oil and even coal for the same amount of heat, … For this reason, no CO2 is added to the atmosphere, it simply releases the carbon dioxide that was previously accumulated back into the environment. In countryside areas, homes relying on oil boilers are encouraged to switch to wood burning boilers and stoves, as the emissions are much cleaner. Fossil fuels have stored and accumulated carbon over hundreds of years and then, all at once, this carbon is released in its entirety when the fossil fuels are burned.

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