caputo flour review

However, instead of being coarse, it’s ground finely. However, this flour is not limited to just pizza – Antimo Caputo Pizzeria Flour also works great in bread and cake. Made from durum wheat (a hard wheat), it’s similar to semolina flour. Final Ferment 20% of total flour Caputo 00 Pizzeria Water to bring up to a total hydration of 65% (38.47% of total water) Salt @ 3% No yeast additional yeast in this ferment. Molino Caputo’s semola flour is additive free. This Pizzeria Flour from Antimo Caputo is meant for bulk pizza basking. It can be used for pasta, pizza dough, and baked goods. Molino Caputo Semola di Grano Duro Rimacinata Flour. This 55lb pizza flour is a baker’s best friend when high quality, soft texture pizzas are required. Caputo Pizzeria the Best Flour for Wood Fired Pizza Oven. 80% of total flour Nuvola Tipo 0 Hydrate at 50% of Nuvola flour weight (or 61.53% of total water) ADY or IDY at 0.03% of total flour weight NO SALT yet. Buy on Amazon. Caputo Pizzeria, also sometimes referred to as Caputo Blue, is Antimo Caputos professional series pizza flour meant for baking in wood-fired ovens.The target for this flour is pizzerias and professional chefs, and a favorite in Naples. It is made from a selection of the best, soft, white wheat that is ideal for baking in any type of pizza oven. It is made from 100% natural wheat, without any other additives, and if you prefer softer pizza crust to a crispier one, then this is an excellent option.

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