can you drive to great bear lake

Char are usually caught in very fast water; so heavier spoons in the ½, to one-ounce range are the way to go. A trip to Great Bear Lake. He could have just as easily been describing Great Bear Lake, and for me, this has become my mantra when it comes to preparing for each trip. 6 - Pixies and/or Rocket Devel's - ½ to 1 ounce. As you will not be fishing with a guide, who would normally have most, if not all of the items listed below, you may want to add the following to your tackle bag. These types of rods have been especially effective when fishing deeper water (30 ft. +) later in the season. Take an assortment of both wet and dry flies, because any of these fish will take either type, but depending on the circumstances, there are times when only a dry fly will do. Another option for Lakers, and one that is becoming increasingly popular, are longer, down rigger style rods in the the 8' to 9' range, with a fast action tip. • Metal Cutters, in the event you have to cut a hook. 1 medium weight, casting rod/reel combo spooled with 15- pound test. One of the increasingly popular trips being offered by Plummer’s Lodges is a self -guided option to what was formerly Arctic Circle Lodge. Meals - $200 - this obviously will vary, depending on whether you eat at Ruth's Chris or Mickey D's. This was a familiar refrain usually uttered by “first timers,” as the Boeing 737, did a fly by – perhaps to ensure there was not a herd of caribou milling about - and then banked steeply in preparation for lining up, and landing on the 5100 foot gravel strip at Great Bear Lake Lodge. As for Arctic Char fishing, an overnight at the Tree River is approximately $1000, and a day trip to the Coppermine will likely cost around $700. As recped says, there are no all-season roads that approach Great Bear. Speaking of diamonds, remember that you are going to be spending about eight grand on a fishing trip, so it probably makes sense to bring back something very nice for that special person who is taking care of business back home, while you're off having the time of your life. Great Bear Lake has the biggest Lake Trout, Grayling and I would venture to say Whitefish in the world - period. The fact is you will have to pack relatively light. Bring an assortment of lines, including at least one sink tip, and both light and heavy tippet material. You can also order on line from any of these retailers. As mentioned, I would recommend packing the lures in appropriately sized, plastic utility boxes, that will all fit into a relatively small, soft sided tackle bag. Your answer will, to a large degree, help you set your personal goals and expectations for the trip. Some buddies and I are trying to figure out a route for a big trip next summer, and are either starting from Great Slave or Great Bear. The lake is in the Northwest Territories, on the Arctic Circle between 65 and 67 degrees of northern latitude and between 118 and 123 degrees western longitude, 156 m (512 ft) above sea level. For the more adventurous, they can outfit a sea kayak expedition on the big lake, or arrange a rafting/canoeing trip down one of several, wild Arctic rivers. The Great Bear Lake (Slave: Sahtú; French: Grand lac de l'Ours) is a lake in the Canadian boreal forest. In Summer you can fly into Norman Wells and then charter from there or if you want to … The tackle bag can be compressed, and the boxes packed individually, so that everything will easily fit into your duffle bag. Tackle Box - I use a small Bass Pro, soft-sided "Extreme" Boat Bag, together with several plastic utility boxes. If taking a fly out for Arctic Char, you will be traveling from the Northwest Territories to Nunavut, and therefore must purchase a Nunavut fishing license. Great Bear Lake is already famed among fishermen, but now a local First Nation is ensuring that a new type of tourist will soon be visiting Canada’s biggest lake. All roads to Great Bear Lake invariably run through Yellowknife, or as the locals call it, YK. It is also worth checking out theVisitors Centre and/or the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre. If you plan on trolling flies in the hope of catching a trophy size trout, you should consider going even bigger. It can get downright hot, and ice and snow are not unheard of throughout the short Arctic summer.

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