caddo sugar maple oklahoma

These are true sugar maples and are considered an ectotype and are more drought tolerant, better adapted to high pH soils and more resistant to leaf scorch and tatter than the norm. Like other sugar maples, they do not tolerate heavy soils that can be frequently saturated or wet areas. Life form: Deciduous tree. Uprigh … Flashfire® Caddo Sugar Maple was selected from Caddo Mountain sugar maple seedings, this tree has the brightest red fall color we have seen in a cultivar adapted to Southern heat. For those who have grown one, do they "look" like a 'regular' sugar maple, more or less, or different? 13 years ago. Original Author. It features dark green summer foliage, better mildew resistance than other Caddo selections, strong growth, and brilliant red, early fall color. Flashfire, another Caddo maple, is hardy to zone 4, adapted to southern heat and has good mildew resistance. Hardiness: USDA Zone 4. This maple has a spectacular show of colors in the fall ranging from yellow to orange. The crown is oval, it is drought tolerant, and makes good shade for those hot summer days. Buy Caddo Sugar Maple online. Thanks. 7 years ago . A bit more information: These heat and drought tolerant sugar maple varieties originated in the Caddo Mountains of Oklahoma. It was selected from the heat-tolerant Caddo County sugar maples native to canyons in Oklahoma. Family: Aceraceae (maple family) Distribution: Species native to e. North America. 7 years ago. Email Save Comment 3. In horticultural practice a seed-raised cultivar 'Caddo', after Caddo county in Oklahoma. Buy Flashfire® Caddo Sugar Maple online. Just how resistant to scorch is impressive. Caddo has star shaped leaves that turn in slightly on the edges. Caddo sugar maple is native to west-central Oklahoma making it suitable for most regions of the state. I'm curious to see how it turns out in my area. Common name: Powder Keg® Caddo sugar maple. Like; Save; lou_spicewood_tx. Best adapted to deep, rich, moist, sandy loam soils. Created in 1901 as part of Oklahoma Territory, the county is named for the Caddo tribe who were settled here on a reservation in the 1870s. This post was edited by bboy on Wed, Oct 23, 13 at 3:47. Its county seat is Anadarko. Of particular interest are the Caddo sugar maples which originated from an isolated population in Caddo, County, Oklahoma. Comments: This is a drought and heat resistant selection from one of our best known, deciduous forest natives. --Spruce. Caddo is more resistant to leaf scorch. Comments (3) Embothrium. Sometimes when sugar maple put out their new shoots with their new leaves the tips of the shoots even droop over a bit. Like; Save; Elektron. Follow. Maple, Sugar (Acer saccharum) A: M: H: Large tree with brilliant fall color. Caddo County is a county located in the U.S. state of Oklahoma.As of the 2010 census, the population was 29,600.

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