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The fleece from a purebred sheep is considered kemp free. Wool clothing made in USA by Johnson Woolen Mills in Johnson Vermont, offering woolen clothing for men, women and children that enjoy an active lifestyle. Now I am not sure I want to use such lovely wool for the verefelder. TO PURCHASE A FLEECE – E-MAIL OR PHONE US THE BREED YOU WANT TO BUY ALONG WITH YOUR SHIPPING ADDRESS – We will then weigh the fleeces available, and advise a total price shipped to you. The Lincoln is the largest British sheep, developed specifically to produce the heaviest, longest and most lustrous fleece of any breed in the world. While white is the predominate fleece color on the breed in the North America, they are found in a number of natural colors in Finnland. The Leicester Longwool sheep has fleece colors of white, English Blue and black. I might just go with shetland or Icelandic for the cloak and keep the gotland for my personal use. I’ve been learning the hand carding process. For more detailed information on the fleeces we carry please call. They have curly threadlike wool which makes it considerably lighter than others. Both blends are approximately 2mm or 1/16" thick. and I’ll be sharing your information with them. Made of 100% wool, it's soft, durable and comfortable to wear. This wool, though, is prized by spinners because of the crimp and lustre. When separated, the outer and inner coats are used for different woolen products. Fleece is a fluffy fabric, which may be made from polyester or polyamide microfibres or sometimes even pure wool. Fleece. In Icelandic the long outer coat is called tog and the fine inner coat þel. Purchase 10 fiber items and receive 5% off each.Purchase 15 fiber items and receive 10% off each.Purchase 24 fiber items and receive 15% off each. *Offer does not apply to any fibers noted as discontinued, specials or sales. Purchase 10 fiber items and receive 5% off each. Their disposition is docile and friendly. A very soft and fluffy wool fiber, excellent for s, Hand dyed wool locks in 10 colors from Hidden Vall, English Leicester/Leicester Longwool fleece is ver, The Blue Faced Leicester fleece is highly prized d, Bright white fleece with a very nice crimp. Cotswolds carry more foretop than do Lincolns, and the fleece is carried in rather bold locks and is usually from eight to ten inches in length. PO Box 1438 Purchase 15 fiber items and receive 10% off each. Specially selected by our Wool Graders who grade each fleece bythe micron. Wool fleece / raw wool: wool sheared from the sheep, most spinners prefer to wash this wool before spinning or dyeing. Silver, black and beige, cinnamon and greys, So soft, such easy spinning, it will make your days ! If insurance is purchased for the shipment, Round House Farm LLC will assist in getting payment from the insurance company for the buyer. – Gretchen in GA. Tonight is my spinning interest group’s monthly meeting  and I’m going to bring a batch, raw and washed — I’ll be keeping a close eye so that none of it slips into someone else’s stash! When selecting our fleeces we look for cleanliness, softness, and staple lengths. Email – Experience the luxurious warmth of our premium merino sheep’s wool, woven into these insulating and breathable gloves, sweaters, pants, and more. Feb 2011 Hoggs trimmed out ready for clipping in May or June. The term fleece came from its fluffy, squashy feel, not unlike a sheep’s fleece. Wool Buy Prep, 2019 Peace Fleece Color Card Snag one of our comprehensive color cards to have our entire line of 40 shades at your fingertips and make yarn shopping easy! It is a lot softer than that of the Cotswold and or Lincoln sheep breeds. Wool from the Wensleydale is acknowledged as the finest lustre long wool in the world. As available. The Lincoln, sometimes called the Lincoln Longwool, is a breed of sheep from England. Border Leicester: easy to spin, nice luster. Our wool felt collection has 150+ colors with 20% to 100% wool. Summer fleeces may be made up of up to 50% cotton as well as the microfibres. The Wensleydale is a large longwool sheep with a distinctive deep blue head, ears and legs. If you don't find exactly what you want, or would like a product recommendation, please call the shop directly at 800-441-9665 or, How to wash and prepare Fleece & Spinning Fleece. The fleece of the Cotswold is white. Amazon's Choice for fleece lined wool hat OZERO Winter Daily Beanie Stocking Hat - Warm Polar Fleece Skull Cap for Men and Women Purple/Gray/Black 4.6 out of 5 stars 3,534

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