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Vegetable Seeds; Beans & Pulses; Dried Beans & Pulses ; Dried Kidney Beans; Tinned Vegetables; Gardening; Crisps & Snacks; Prepared Cabbage; See All 21 Departments. DOWNLOAD PRODUCT SHEET. CROP INFORMATION . Our Broad Bean seeds have been specially selected and are guaranteed free from bean beetle. Harvest Period May onwards. Bunyard's Exhibition is a heirloom broad bean, was introduced more than 100 years ago. Black Friday Deals; Department. Broad Beans can be sown in the soil, outside, in early November for an early harvest in May. A very tasty bean and you can start harvesting the young pods as early as May. Growing Suggestions for Broad Bean Seeds. BUY NOW Witkiem … French and runner beans . The Sutton Broad Bean seeds are widely available online. Sow Period Sow November for autumn varieties and February - May for spring sown varieties. Spring sowing is generally more reliable, especially in heavy clay soil, which can lead to the seed rotting before germinating. Suggested Density 128,000 per hectare. An ideal choice for the UK climate and the earliest vegetable seeds you can sow for the new season (from October). Spring-sown broad beans develop more quickly and will crop within about 15 weeks, although still later than those sown in autumn. Popular product in the early season when fresh UK produce is scarce. (dark green) Some varieties are also suitable for sowing in autumn for an early crop the following year. Broad Beans Growing Calendar The beans are tender and last well on the plant without going tough. It is important to grow some bean plants specifically for seed, rather than simply collecting the left-over pods at the end of the season. Broad bean seeds should keep for several years, so there is no need to grow plants for seed every year. WITKIEM MANITA This variety is one of the best for autumn sowing giving an early spring crop. Seeds sown in November, should germinate within two to four weeks and young plants should live through the winter and recommence growth as soon as conditions improve in spring. Very easy to grow and handle anyone can grow we advice to avoid sowing direct because mice and other pests in the winter will love broad bean seeds as much as you do eating them! For over-wintering varieties of broad beans direct sow in November. Deals. We prefer to use our broad beans in a nice hot curry! Alternatively direct sow from March until May. Avg. FREE Delivery on orders over £10 for books or over £20 for other categories shipped by Amazon. It is a... Price £1.99 Add to basket Broad Bean Bunyard's Exhibition 50 seeds. Sow seeds 6cm deep in rows 50cm apart. We always advise starting off your beans in pots or trays and transplant to ground later to ensure a rodent free germination! The plant grows to 90cm / 3ft tall and may need staking but only in windy conditions. Free UK Delivery by Amazon. Also valuable in crop rotations as a source of nitrogen and bulk mass for green manure. ~ BROAD BEAN SEED ~ Another easy vegetable -we've made up generous packets of great seed, but they are very heavy to post, hence the price. Sowing broad bean seedsCertain hardy varieties of broad bean can be sown in autumn and will be ready for harvesting after about 25 weeks. Customer Review. For spring-sown varieties, sow broad bean seeds under cover from February and transplant to final spacing. The main sowing season is in early spring, for harvest in summer. Broad Bean. Broad beans can be enjoyed hot or cold.

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