breadfruit recipes with coconut milk

Take the grated coconut in a wide mouthed vessel and squeeze with hand for 5 minutes.This is to help release all the coconut milk into the dish while cooking. To this vessel, add the breadfruit chunks and enough salt. You can find it fresh in fish markets in Hawaii, but usually you see it canned in the grocery stores that sell Pacific Island food products. Thank you Nate! Add the milk mixture to the breadfruit and flour and beat together. A breadfruit chip sounds like a great idea. Let boil till tender. I don’t think I’ve tried this before!!! Have you eaten breadfruit before? I will make it soon! What a wonderful way to eat it! Good stuff. It was new to me, but so delightful, I kept going back for more. Beat the eggs and add to the spiced milk mixture. Thank you so much for contributing it to WHB. Looking forward to your next post…. Following her instructions, I prepared this dish of “fa’alifu ulu” the way she remembers her grandpa doing it. The first dish we made was a mash with steamed breadfruit and cauliflower. Cook time: 30 min. For more tasty and affordable recipes, go to! I have seen breadfruit trees growing here in Kuching, and even seen some laden with fruit. We’ll also add vanilla pod, sugar; and nutmeg. ginger juice Cinnamon as desired. Thanks for your support! Mixing Onions, Coconut Milk, and Salt I started researching breadfruit after that and be ask so excited about learning more after my move to Hawaii. (I only used half the breadfruit.) Let the milk boil over the pieces of ulu and then turn the stove off and remove pot from the heat. unripe, or 2 pounds taro or cassava (thawed if frozen). House of Annie's text and photos are copyright protected. It had been made with breadfruit flour, an amazing gluten-free flour that makes moist pastry with no dry, gritty texture or weird earthy flavors. thanks for the comment! I didn’t have coconut milk so I poured almond milk over top and out the lid on to let it all simmer together. ❤️, Learn more about us by clicking here: About House of Annie. First, you halve, and then quarter the ulu and then you cut out the core. Will have yo adk her the recipe. Recipe for Boiled Breadfruit in Coconut Milk. First, you halve, and then quarter the ulu and then you cut out the core. I hope to try it someday, and I’ll be on the lookout for breadfruit at the organic market this spring and summer. I think it’s a healthy snack. Add the wine and raisins, combining all ingredients well. Sweet is prepared with coconut milk, ripe plantain, casava, etc. We had bought freshly pressed coconut milk from the vendor at the market and I ended up using about 3 cups of coconut milk. My husband encouraged me to give it a try and after one bite I said oh, they made a mistake, this is delicious, there’s no way it’s vegan and definitely no way it’s gluten-free! Thank you for this recipe! Add breadfruit to warm coconut milk. Prep time: 15 min. Then I found a lot of info about the Granadan national dish, Oil Down. Add salt and then enough water to cover the breadfruit. Breadfruit, a large fruit with a starchy texture much like a potato, is popular in tropical countries around the world but can be tough to find in the U.S. outside of Hawai‘i. Using a slotted spoon, transfer carefully to a shallow dish; discard the water. However, I saw breadfruit appearing in an episode of No Kitchen Required recently. wahoo is a fish found in the Pacific Ocean. In Haiti, we called it “Lam veritab” or just “lam.” We boil it, we fry it and make something called “tontonm” with it. you can boil breadfruit with a little salt eliminating the squish with onion and add a dash of garlic powder. (I only used half the breadfruit.) I had never seen a sukun tree before and would not have recognised it had I not seen the fruits hanging abundantly from the branches! They said the parry was vegan and gluten-free, which made me not want it, lol. Which I will cover in another post, coming soon! Hi! Since it is starchy in nature, she sprinkles a little sugar on top to add more sweetness to it. Sprinkle a little water and cook closed for 15 minutes. I especially like it as rellenos de pana. It reminded me a bit of scalloped potatoes. Add the spices, salt, and vanilla. I followed it rather loosely, having just one can of coconut milk and having boiled an entire breadfruit. Thanks for sharing! First, you halve, and then quarter the ulu and then you cut out the core. The descriptions and pictures were very helpful and I only wish the author had continued to post such recipes. Thankyou. Meanwhile, you can prepare the fa’alifu (coconut sauce). I added a bit of butter, too. The coconut milk will thicken and cling to the ulu pieces. Mix well with a whip to make a thick puree. I think I let it boil at too high a temperature, because the coconut milk started to break and curdle. It sounded weird, but she said it was to incorporate the flavor of the onions into the milk, at the same time salting it to perfection. You made my mouth water with this recipe: I’d love to have a taste! I used about a tablespoon of Hawaiian sea salt. I mentioned that I only used half the breadfruit in this preparation. I had it with some mashed sardines and shallots that we had leftover from another batch of our baked sardine buns – it was delicious! On Guam it’s called “lemai” and they eat it the same way here, with coconut milk. I don’t think I have tried breadfruit or seen one. A friend of mine had this Breadfruit Tree (which is a rare delicacy), planted in their backyard. If you want to use our pictures, they are available for license. Well, we just bought 4 breadfruit from a local farm and we quartered, steamed, peeled and froze what we did not immediately cook with. Taro has an enzyme that might irritate your skin. This breadfruit looks really interesting, especially with the sweet and savory combo with coconut milk and onions. Thank you again! We rolled chunks in chopped walnuts and cinnamon sugar before putting them in the air fryer to make crispy, sweet little breadfruit dough balls. Lower the heat and simmer for 15 minutes until the breadfruit is fork-tender. I’ll have to try the deep-fried version – it sounds delicious. Just contact us with your inquiry. Please note!… “Buah Sukun” originally come from Irian Jaya (Papua), INDONESIA. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my portuguese sausage post! Her recipe calls for 3 cans of coconut milk. I used about a tablespoon of Hawaiian sea salt. My grandmother use to make it when I was a kid. This was delicious! we also make sweet or salted chips depending on ripeness of the fruit. Drizzle with coconut milk while still warm. The breadfruit should be tender like a cooked potato. Now comes the crucial step: salting and squishing. Place the chunks in a pot and cover with water, then bring to a boil. I was surprised to hear in Malaysia that they did not boil breadfruit but fried it so I will be interested to see how you do it. In a medium bowl, dissolve the sugar in the coconut milk. We used cassava in the photo above, which is easier to find in fresh or frozen varieties. This morning, my maid and I found 2 fresh sukun that had fallen to the ground on the road near where we live. Adapting is okay if you use your own words and pictures and acknowledge the source web page. This is how I cook breadfruit as well…..well I add the coconut cream for special occassions…..every day recipe is just boiling the cubed breadfruit. Her recipe calls for 3 cans of coconut milk. I’m glad they didn’t go to waste. We made croquettes breaded with toasted focaccia crumbs and stuffed with melted vegan provolone cheese and then we made mash patties, with a seasoned cornstarch batter for crispiness.

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