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Marke: Bowers & Wilkins . Pepper and Pet Sounds in new, mind-expanding depth and clarity. Be the first to review “Bowers & Wilkins Nautilus”. Bowers & Wilkins | Nautilus Speaker. These technologies include the famous tube-loaded tweeter, which can even be found in an adapted form on B&W’s latest revolution in sound performance, the Zeppelin iPod® speaker, as well as the brand’s pace-setting new Custom Installation speakers. We want to hear a speaker driver, not its side-effects – conventional boxes contain sound from the rear of the driver, but bring their own problems. Aktuelle Themen; Spannende Produkttests; Weitere Tests & Produktwissen. Your email address will not be published. Bowers and Wilkins parts ZZ new Dm Nautilus Matrix Blueroom B&W please read. Traditionally, the Bowers & Wilkins Nautilus comes in three colours: silver, black, and midnight blue. Nautilus is hand-built to order, alongside the 800 Series Diamond™, by a dedicated specialist team in our Worthing factory. Nautilus demands craftsmanship from skilled people. But Bowers & Wilkins now offers a special service allowing its more artistically-minded customers to choose exactly which colour they want – and the possibilities are truly endless. Nautilus comes in three standard colours: silver, black and midnight blue. And it’s why we set out on the groundbreaking, five year research and development programme that resulted in Nautilus. Klanglich keinerlei Beeinträchtigungen. Seen in design museums as well as listening rooms, Nautilus received the Millennium Award and many more accolades. Nautilus is a truly ground-breaking high-performance loudspeaker. Die große Dreiwegebox bereitet im Hörtest großes Vergnügen; in jeder Disziplin spielt das Modell an vorderster Front mit. Kostenloser Versand. 12 Beobachter. Colour and delivery by agreement. Perfekter Zustand, Kirschbaum furniert. We also offer a special service that can match any colour from a sample or colour reference. The era of MTV pop superstardom and bombastic stadium rock also saw Bowers & Wilkins buck the trend and introduce something small and unobtrusive: the “compact monitor”, or CM1. 61 Beobachter. Als Bowers & Wilkins-Flaggschiff ist sie das Ergebnis eines bahnbrechenden fünfjährigen Forschungs- und Entwicklungsprogramms mit dem Ziel, den perfekten Lautsprecher zu entwickeln. The sleepy coastal town of Worthing in South England might not look like a hotbed of 1960s freewheeling experimentation, but for audio fans it’s a place that’s synonymous with innovation. Die Ur-Nautilus™ von Bowers & Wilkins repräsentiert den Höhepunkt des technischen Fortschritts. The long, tapered damping tubes were a revolution, allowing the drive units to work optimally by gently absorbing stray energy. You are logged in as an US customer. oder Preisvorschlag. Then, when fully assembled, we test them all over again. It’s obvious that Nautilus is no ordinary loudspeaker, even before you listen to it. This perfectionism makes for a slow production process, but ensures we consistently reach world-class levels of quality. Tests zu ähnlichen Produkten: Heco Odeon 200 Burmester Rondo 995, Paar Magnat Vintage 510 (D) Dynaudio Audience 70 Quadral Aurum 7 Magnat Vintage 720 Bose Acoustimass 5 Serie III ASW Cantius VI Dynaudio Contour 3.0, Paar ALR Jordan Take 6, Paar. Monumental technological change seemed to be everywhere in the 2010s, and Bowers & Wilkins was no exception. Stiff, solid and durable, with no sharp edges to diffract sound, it’s ideal for a speaker enclosure. EUR 2.299,00. For instance, the Nautilus shell’s pearlescent finish comes from 12 carefully applied lacquer coats containing aluminium and mica particles, and a unique baking and curing system. Kaufdatum 25.01.2005, Erstbesitz, Rechnung und Owners Card vorhanden. But, as befits such a unique speaker, we also offer a special service that can match any colour you specify from a sample or colour reference. We test every Nautilus drive unit across all frequencies, far beyond the boundaries of human hearing. Neben hochwertigen Kopfhörern entwickeln die Engländer vor allem Lautsprecher verschiedenster Bauart, preislich meist angesiedelt zwischen anspruchsvoller Mittelklasse und Highend. EUR 9.999,00. The decade that brought us iPods and smartphones saw us embrace the new world of digital with the launch of the Zeppelin. Bowers&Wilkins 803 Nautilus Kompaktlautsprecher: Test, Reviews und Erfahrungen von Nutzern der HIFI-FORUM Community zum Bowers&Wilkins 803 Nautilus. The Nautilus is the end result of the most ambitious research and development project Bowers & Wilkins has ever undertaken – to create, as near as possible, the perfect loudspeaker. Crucial drive unit components are made using a mix of hand-assembly techniques and semi-automatic production. Please visit the US store. Your review *document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a3c53d6dc385d6ada5af081bf7a8757a" );document.getElementById("a716e59ac3").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Thanks for subscribing to our newsletter, we promise to send you only information that is valuable and relevant! Systemkonfiguration: 2.0 Kanal Farbe: Schwarz. That’s because it’s the product of no ordinary speaker manufacturer. For example, voice coils are wet-wound with high-temperature resin, then baked in a special oven to ensure enhanced performance and durability. EUR 220,00 Versand. Innovative design, precision manufacturing and exhaustive testing ensure Nautilus delights the ear as well as the eye. Does a speaker have to be a box? Nautilus is an icon of speaker design. Traditionally, the Bowers & Wilkins Nautilus comes in three colours: silver, black, and midnight blue. Try me, book a demo. Im Fokus dabei: Subwoofer, Standlautsprecher und Regalboxen sowie WLAN-Speaker für Musikstreams aus dem … The company introduced curved cabinet forms and new cone materials such as Aramid fibre. A revolution when it launched and still an icon today. Eigenschaften wie Neutralität und Entspanntheit zeichnen dabei die Spielweise der Nautilus aus und auch die Basspotenz ist gewaltig. Aus Niederlande. It is the result of a groundbreaking, five year research and development programme to achieve, as near as possible, the perfect loudspeaker. The decade that saw a series of musical upheavals from disco to punk rock also brought several major milestones for Bowers & Wilkins. Is it possible to create a theoretically perfect speaker – one that produces next to no distortion? If you remove the box, what would a speaker look like? Our website and deliveries are still operating. His dream inspires all Bowers & Wilkins designs. Wenn es optisch stört, kann ein Originalteil zum Preis von € 134,99 hier bestellt werden. We also expanded into the car audio market with our partnership with Jaguar, and launched a revolutionary new speaker technology in the form of diamond tweeter domes. More importantly, what would it sound like? Craftsmanship. Bowers & Wilkins Nautilus od 1 699 000 Kč - … If you would like to listen to any of our products 93 Beobachter. Copyright © 2020 Bowers & Wilkins. Extensive investment in research led to the establishment of the company’s dedicated R&D facility in Steyning. The Nautilus is the flagship model in the Bowers and Wilkins stable and is quite clearly, whether you love it or hate it, a design classic. Sign up for our newsletter Get the latest product news, opinions and exclusive invites for all Bowers & Wilkins … To give you the best experience on our website we use cookies. Die B&W Bowers & Wilkins Nautilus 804 S nimmt die Redaktion der „stereoplay“ ganz für sich ein. Bowers & Wilkins zählt zu den traditionellsten und bekanntesten Namen der HiFi-Szene. But Bowers & Wilkins now offers a special service allowing its more artistically-minded customers to choose exactly which colour they want – and the possibilities are truly endless. Its ethos informs everything we do. When Bowers & Wilkins set out to create the world’s best loudspeaker, we asked ourselves some fundamental questions. Nautilus is more than a design object: its technology is now found in almost every speaker we make.

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