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Description. You can watch my feltingfarmerlady facebook video tutorial on how to make a "fur tree." It comes in undyed white and a natural gray and both dye beautifully. Its head and legs are free of wool, and its arched Roman nose and long, erect ears give the Border Leicester a stylish, distinctive look. Each bag of fleece weighs 2 lbs. BORDER LEICESTER. Animal Data.docx. Description Shades of forest green, spruce saturate these lovely, soft locks. This fleece is fantastically clean. The Border Leicester contributes high fertility and good mothering qualities to its crossbred progeny and is being used to increase fertility in the commercial Romney, Corriedale and Merino flocks. Qty: Description Pretty curls for your needle felted trees and nature scenes. Characteristics of the Border Leicester. You’ll enjoy the whole beginning-to-end process with this wool. description details about this wool One of our favorites, Border Leicester yarn has beautiful lustre and the soft twist of this semi-worsted spun yarn gives it a silky feel and lovely drape. Staple length on all fleece is over 3 inches, some closer to 4 inches. The American Border Leicester Association was established in the U.S. in 1973. ... Lichen Border Leicester 5-6" Locks, 2 oz Our Price: $15.50 . Description. The Border Leicester developed in the Scottish Borders, is an old established breed whose ancestry can be traced back for 250 years. Freshly-shorn Border Leicester Lamb fleece from our 2020 lambs. Our Price: $15.50 . It is a polled, long-wool sheep and is considered a dual-purpose breed as it is reared both for meat and for wool. The Border Leicester has a regal, alert appearance. Imported to Australia in 1871, it now has by far the largest number of stud flocks. Locks are clean and soft and 3-5 inches long with little to no vm. Border Leicester Curls, Spruce 2 oz : Alternative Views: Our Price: $ 15.50. The Border Leicester is a British breed of sheep. They were developed by Robert Blakewell (1726-95) one of the most famous of old English sheepbreeders. The Border Leicester has been used to develop New Zealand’s Border-Romney cross (Coopworth) and the Border-Corriedale (Borderdale). Product Code: DYED6. Quantity in Stock:3. MONDAY 28 th SEPTEMBER URBA PEDIGREE BORDER LEICESTER SALE Consisting of 21 Shearling Rams, 27 Ram Lambs 10 Ewes and 7 Ewe Lambs Sale at 5.30pm in Ring 1 before Breeding Sheep ONLINE BIDDING AVAILABLE. The sheep are large but docile. 4-6 inch locks are lustrous with a good lock structure and little vm. Border Leicester Early History of Leicester Sheep. Our lambs have great length, color, and crimp in their wool. Sheep with long, lustrous wool have been in Leicestershire, England since the earliest recorded history of the British Isles and are responsible for the improvement and development of other longwool breeds. They have been exported to other sheep-producing regions, including Australia and the United States. Some …

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