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However, once I got into the characters and story, I was sucked right in. With the elections coming up and the grown-ups busy with their own affairs, what difference can Yasmin and her friends possibly make? Yasmin is a brave little girl who fights for books, so obviously I love her as a character! She knows Book Uncle often tell. I felt both the universality of the urban child's experiences and the uniqueness of the Indian perspective. by Scholastic. A fun and very timely story about a girl in an apartment complex in a town in India. Recommended!! Great theme just a bit slow. A list of all the characters in Kidnapped. These characters are similar in many ways. A lovely story about reading and activism, and the importance of libraries. Anita and Me Character Analysis | LitCharts. Plot Summary. This is a nice story about a child taking steps to influence people's minds. What transpires next is nothing short of inspiring and that's just what I think is so phenomenal about this book. They care for Tuck who brought them together and they care for each other. This was a sweet book about a Yasmin, a girl who borrows a book every day from the free lending library on her street corner. This book follows the story of a young book lover named Yasmin who wishes to read a book a day for the rest of her life. Secondly, this book is about two of my favorite things: books and community activism. Nine-year-old Yasmin intends to read a book a day for the rest of her life. Assigning this kind of paper sharpens the skill of observation and note-taking as they focus on one specific character and the traits that make them ‘who they are’ in the book. This is a cute story about activism, friendship, politics and Indian culture. What a wonderful example of a child making a difference in the world! He is individualistic, self-reliant, and adventurous. This book reminded me of why I love reading. It was disorienting. I also have a soft spot for any book with a little free library-like setup. Throughout her journey, her goal is to return home despite the wond… T he main characters in "The Canterville Ghost" are Sir Simon, Virginia Otis, and Horace Otis.. Sir Simon became a ghost after murdering his wife. ... who is born in the middle of the book. Secondly, this book is about two of my favorite things: books and community activism. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Readers will enjoy watching the campaign gain momentum, and while they may be confused at the start of the story when Book Uncle recommends a folk tale to Yasmin which seems to have little relevance at the time, as the story picks up speed, the connections and significance will be readily apparent. Let us know what you think of the site. 2012 But when Book Uncle seems to be in trouble, Yasmin has to take her nose out of her book and do something. She loves choosing books from the free lending library operated by Book Uncle, a retired teacher, until the mayor threatens to shut down his operation. Welcome back. However, once I got into the characters and story, I was sucked right in. When the town bureaucracy shuts down Book Uncle's stall, Yasmin makes it an election issue with the help of all the people in her school and apartment complex. "Book Uncle and Me" by Uma Krishnaswami is one of this month's selections for Chapter and Verse Book Club. Will they get help from Karate Samuel, the eccentric superstar who's standing for Mayor? One day Book Uncle gives Yasmin a very slim volume, a children’s Indian fairy tale. The theme, of course, is important. This book takes place in India, and is a great example of how kids can do their part in shaping our democracy, especially at the local level. Interspersed with black and white cartoon illustrations, this book looks just as interesting when you flick through it as the story actually is. She is determined to read a book a day and with Book Uncle to provide free books, she's already read over 400!

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