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If not, use pruning snips or scissors. Pan-fried or roasted fava beans go particularly well with olive oil, garlic, salt, pepper, and even a little squeeze of lemon juice at the end! Fava bean greens also make for an insanely delicious, nutritious, nutty pesto – which can also be frozen to preserve. Each gardener and fava bean officinando has their preferred way to process and eat fava beans. I st, The purpose of this post was going to be to highli, Let's talk frost! Add handfuls of leaves to any sauté, stir fry, soup, frittata, quiche, salad, or more! Broadcast seeds by hand, evenly distributing them across the planting area. But did you know that fava bean plants can reach 4 feet tall?! Also known as “broad beans”, these hardy annual plants are multi-use, beneficial, and easy-to-grow – totally worthy of a spot in your garden. Are these edible? Some may pop up within a few days, some may take a few weeks. I re-read this article every few days to reassure myself to “be patient…” and then TODAY I saw the tiny, shy, light green shoulders of a shoot barely peeking through the surface of the soil and I literally shrieked and did a happy dance on the patio. Read more…. Once you have your fava bean seeds on hand, lets get planting! Therefore, you don’t need to worry much about the soil quality (let alone fuss with amending it) before planting fava beans. Do I need to protect them from gophers, ground squirrels etc? So, in our limited experience they left them alone… but I can’t say that will always be case for sure. Growing Broad Beans, also known as Fava Beans How to Grow Broad Beans and Soil Preparation Growing broad beans can be done in a range of soil types, but they do best in a reasonably heavy, but … Check out our fava green pesto recipe here. The plants occasional get aphids on the new tender grown (just snip it off) but otherwise they’re very easy and pest-free for us. The big-seeded varieties will also produce nitrogen, but have been bred more for use as a food source. I’m thinking of adapting my tomato cages to protect above ground—but do I need to worry about critters eating their root systems? Others are known to be exceptionally cold-hardy, such as Aguadulce. Coat the seeds completely with the inoculant using non-chlorinated water. In climates with strong wind or rain, you may even want to provide support earlier since they’ll be prone to flopping over in those conditions. Or should I wait until fall? Your email address will not be published. Worse case scenario? We sometimes peel those, but not always. However, favas won’t be happy with water-logged roots, so do choose a growing location and soil that can provide decent drainage. We’ve dabbled in growing favas in our cannabis beds but I never harvested the greens! Hi Jennifer – We mostly grow our fava beans in protected raised beds and wine barrels, so gophers have never been a concern… However, we did once grow a whole crop of them around the base of our avocado tree where there was definite gopher activity in the vicinity, and they didn’t bother the favas! Nitrogen is one of the key nutrients that all plants need to photosynthesize and healthily grow! ... First of all, if you grow the same crop on the same plot of land year after year, you are enriching the soil … Cut the fava bean plants to the ground when they are in full flower, but before any seed has formed, to release the greatest amount of nitrogen to the soil. Plants begin to mature about three months after sowing. Last season, we froze a lot of them to use in future soups or sautes. As they get tall they do like some support, so tomato cages could work well! Hi Samuel – thank you for the feedback! Fava bean leaves taste very similar to the bean: sweet, buttery, and earthy. Then package them together into a container for long-term storage in the freezer. Therefore, a surplus is leftover and stored in the plant material. Fava Beans are a member of the legume family. But that isn’t the only wonderful thing about favas…. I’m new to growing Fava’s this year, so thank you for all the great info! Freezing them individually first prevents them from sticking and clumping together later, which makes it much easier to fish out just a handful of beans when you want them! I know Ive said it before but I’m going to say it again! We typically harvest upper portions of stem and leaves about 6 to 12 inches long. Do not peel the little guys. I will only link to products I know and believe in! This makes them perfect for fall or spring planting in most locations! Then, if you need to wrap them in something (netting?) Just ensure they’re transplanted out before they become too large or root bound. Is it worth throwing some in the dormant box now? Thanks for the information. Good luck! For fava greens, we treat them much like kale or any other leafy green in our garden. Hi Amy! Brian Barth works in the fields of landscape architecture and urban planning and is co-founder of Urban Agriculture, Inc., an Atlanta-based design firm where he is head environmental consultant. Good luck! However, nitrogen is also easily depleted in garden soil where crops are repeatedly grown, and thus needs to be replenished. Therefore, we shell our pods to reveal the inner beans. Some folks are hellbent on removing that skin, shucking or peeling every little bean. Let’s say unfavorable fava weather comes before the plants are mature enough to produce a fat batch of beans… Oh well! It is hard to go wrong when it comes to harvesting fava beans! Yep, you read that right! You can enjoy them sautéed, roasted, pan-fried, and more! Photo by Fotolia/Witold Krasowski. I ordered Fava beans not indicating a variety. For very small areas, plant seeds individually every three to five inches in rows 12 inches apart. Finally, let’s talk about maximizing the benefits of growing fava beans – by leaving their roots in the soil, and mulching with the greens!

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