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Keeping it in the family ( The company was founded in 1921 by the late E.W. Walter Anderson and Edgar Waldo "Billy" Ingram, Sr., formed the White Castle System of Eating Houses Corporation in Wichita, Kansas, in 1921. He came up with the name: White for cleanliness and Castle for permanence and strength. Bill Ingram’s grandfather, E.W. The White Castle Story: The Birth Of Fast Food & The Burger Revolution ( They opened the first one in Wichita on Main Street, where the Sunflower Bank is today. Billy purchased Walt’s stock, and the company has been solely owned by the Ingram family ever since. But, per Spectrum News, that White Castle closed in 1968, and Florida has been White Castle-less since. And finally, Florida used to have a White Castle, because White Castle founder, Billy Ingram used to hang out in Miami in the 1960s. The reins of White Castle have been in the hands of an Ingram since it opened; the company is on third- and fourth-generation leadership. That's 52 years without a White Castle, which makes Orlando's upcoming largest White-Castle-in-the-world the fast food comeback of the century. Twelve Ingram family members are involved in White Castle operations. In 1933, partner Walt Anderson’s interest in White Castle was waning, while Billy Ingram remained steadfastly enthusiastic about growing the company. Catering To Cravers For 90 Years ( The chain’s founder, Billy Ingram, wintered in Miami in the 1960s. Original Location: 201 N. Main, Wichita, Kansas Founded: May 19, 1921 Founded By: Walter Anderson (and Billy Ingram) Biography Articles:. The History of White Castle. "Billy" Ingram and Walt Anderson, who sold his interest to Ingram a few years later. Ingram's grandson E.W. Edgar Ingram ( The staple of the White Castle menu was the hamburger, served on a bun with grilled onions. Billy became really intrigued by this idea of the hamburger sandwich. White Castle … “Billy” Ingram, founded White Castle in 1921, making it the world’s first quick-service burger concept. The company was formally incorporated in 1924, and that same year the two men opened their first restaurant outside of Wichita. White Castle, founded in 1921, owns and operates more than 375 restaurants located mostly in the Midwest and Northeast. "Bill" Ingram III is now chairman, CEO and president. Our founder, Billy Ingram—Billy was an entrepreneurial kind of person—struck up a great friendship with restaurateur Walt Anderson. Summary Billy Ingram is the acknowledged father of American fast food.

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