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In contrast, broad-breasted turkeys require artificial insemination, because their enormous weight and outsize chests make them too awkward to mate naturally. They were first bred there during the 1800s. The best Christmas turkey for 2020 It's the centrepiece of the Christmas meal, so you want to buy the best! In any case, these birds are small and don't have the commercial potential of most other heritage varieties, being mostly raised for exhibitions. Bourbon toms can get to 23 pounds and hens can reach 12 pounds. They maximize the conversion of feed to white breast meat in the shortest possible time. 8 Turkey Breeds to Consider. Midget Whites are a relatively new heritage breed developed in the 1960s by researchers at the University of Massachusetts. 5th generation farmer on our families land. Thank you. Natural Turkey On the flip side, natural turkeys are made without any artificial colors, flavors or ingredients, chemical preservatives or synthetic ingredients and are no more than minimally processed (meaning the raw poultry is not “fundamentally alter(ed),” according to the USDA ). Copyright © 2020 EG Media Investments LLC. A mature Bourbon hen weights about 12 pounds and a mature tom can reach about 23 pounds. They're also known for a delicious, full flavor and are considered one of the best-tasting heritage turkey breeds. Royal Palm turkeys were bred for their good looks, and are beautiful, striking birds with black and white plumage. Broad- Breasted Whites can't walk or fly, are prone to disease, and can't reproduce without artificial insemination. 9 Bunny Breeds That Are Too Cute for Words, The 7 Best Coffee Subscription Boxes of 2020, Raising Pullets for Your Small Farm or Backyard Coop, Raising Mini Alpine Goats on a Hobby Farm. Black: Calm, rapid growing and early maturing, the Black turkey originated in Mexico, was taken to Europe by early explorers and brought to the U.S. by settlers. For the turkey-raising novice, the following eight breeds are worth considering. Because turkeys take longer than chickens to reach maturity, they have more time to become injured, get sick or die. Midget Whites are calm and do well-raising poults. Your email address will not be published. What breed of sheep is the best tasting raising for meat? They're not very social compared to other heritage breeds. Standard weights are 16 pounds for toms and 10 pounds for hens. For starters, they are a little less calm, and they chill more easily. Their plumage is black, and they have been around since the 1500s. They're also known for a delicious, full flavor and are considered one of the best-tasting heritage turkey breeds. Required fields are marked *. Narragansett We have been raising heritage turkey breeds for quite a few years now. The Broad-Breasted Bronze is a variation that is more commercial and most have been bred by artificial insemination since the 1960s. “We want to show people what turkeys used to taste like,” she says of the farm her father started in Potomac and Adamstown, Md., now in its first year of offering a heritage breed. It also needs to be hung for a good couple of weeks before you buy it. We started with a pair of Midget White and are now onto our most recent addition, the Standard Bronze. Mature hens can be good sitters and hatch eggs well. Once you’ve decided you want to raise turkeys, choosing the right breed starts with deciding between broad-breasted and heritage turkeys. They are also more curious; while investigating something of interest, a turkey might wedge its body into a tight spot from which it can’t back out. Add to Favorites . However, if you wish to raise turkeys in the future from your own flock, the heritage breeds will naturally produce fertile eggs. Compared with broad-breasted turkeys, the heritage breeds have greater disease-resistance and are better foragers, making them suitable for keeping on pasture. These are the most popular and common of the thirteen recognized heritage turkey breeds. Gail Damerow milks Nubians on her Tennessee farm. Turkeys are only slightly more difficult to raise than chickens. There is error while submitting your request. Finally, turkey breed may have played a part in our preferences. I have read, time and again the question asked about which heritage breed of turkeys taste best! Bronzes were originally a cross between the turkeys brought to the colonies by Europeans and the native wild turkeys they discovered in America. Thank you for choosing this service. Although turkey eggs taste wonderful, the hens lay only seasonally, making egg production uneconomical as a main reason for keeping turkeys. This is the "modern" turkey breed that is raised in factory farm settings across the United States. Our panel tasted 11 frozen Christmas turkeys and crowns to find the best. All rights reserved. Developed in the 1930s, these birds are roughly the same size as the Midget Whites, but with wider breasts. Prepare the best tasting Thanksgiving bird with these tips on how to season a turkey. Almost any hatchery that sells chicks also sells poults (baby turkeys). They make a nice table bird but are blander than Midgets or some other heritage birds. Prepare the best tasting Thanksgiving bird with these tips on how to season a turkey. 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