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To be honest… The opening can be off putting to some – but don’t disregard the fragrance just yet. If you are looking for one of the best oud perfumes for women, this almost edible scent with notes of praline and chocolate is sure to please feminine fans of both rose and oud fragrances. By the way, this is not for the young crowd. Now, the blackberry fruitiness quickly fades… then the dark woody oud (it’s slightly medicinal but not animalic) starts to creep to the surface and morphs with the rose, joined with some warm earthy patchouli. By the way, do not rock this in the high summer heat or you will choke yourself out. I wouldn’t recommend for the office/work as it’s too loud (maybe 1 spray under the shirt). Now, Oud Ispahan is part of Dior’s exclusive luxury fragrance line called the Maison Christian Dior collection (formally named La Collection Privée). Avoid the high summer heat. Great. Be careful not to overspray or you will choke yourself out (and everyone else). OfG is an EDP and jumps off your skin for the first few hours (loud but not a room filler) and leaves a nice scent trail. If you LOVE oud and you LOVE vanilla, don’t sleep on Aoud Vanille! Can be worn dressed up, dressed down, casual, special occasions, nights out, dates (once dried down ) and could even work in the office, if you’re careful with the trigger (1 spray). Do not rock this in the high summer heat as it will become super sweet and project like crazy (not good). Bonus: the bottle looks awesome and comes with a unique wooden cap (you also get a normal sized cap included, making it easier for travel). Performance is insane! No surprises here… You get exactly what the name on the tin … It’s not loud or challenging… It’s sophisticated, dark and mysterious. If you’re looking for a fragrance that screams out for attention, this is NOT it. If you’re looking for a punchy oud dominant fragrance, this is (definitely) NOT it. It’s warm, dark, earthy and smoky, with a nice hint of orange citrusy sweetness. You get an intoxicating soft smoky incensey rose with a burning woody oud vibe in the background. This is a subtle scent that doesn’t scream out for attention. This is an EDP concentration and doesn’t scream out for attention. Now, to be clear, Oud Palao is a daring fragrance that has a slightly animalic oud note. (By the way, to find out more about Creed and to discover our favorite picks from the house, go here.). (By the way, Oud Palao owes its name to the Palao variety of Laotian Oud essence.). Now, as the name suggests, this is a vanilla oud combo. 14 of the best oud perfumes. In my latest FT magazine column, The Best Oud-Based Perfumes, I explain what makes oud as a perfume note and a traditional Middle Eastern ingredient so important. To be honest, the opening is slightly harsh and could be challenging to those of you who are new to oud. It’s rich, dark, warm and smells luxurious. Definitely not one to be rocked in the high heat. A rich dark chocolatey woody vibe, with a nice hint of warm sweetness. Oud Palao is unisex (but leans masculine) and is more suited for the mature 25-up crowd. As it starts to settle, the oud begins to creep through and morph with the honey, with a hint of soft fresh rose lurking in the background. YVES ST. Gucci Intense Oud. This is an absolute rose/oud combo masterpiece and if you can pull it off you won’t be disappointed. Best used in cooler weather as a night time scent. Bonus: The bottle is gorgeous and comes with a handy travelling pouch. Colonia Oud opens up with a blast of fresh bergamot and orange citruses with a touch of dark dry woody oud (not animalic) sitting in the background. Initio Parfums Prives Oud for Greatness, Top 10 Best Coffee Cologne for Men (2020 Reviews), 17 Best Tobacco Cologne for Men in 2020 (Tried & Tested), Top 7 Best Prada Cologne for Men (2020 Reviews). Versace Oud Noir. Perfect for formal/semi-formal, special occasions, work/office. This is long lasting. BOTH are amazing oud fragrances, but if you want a more refined upscale version (or you love rose), we have included Oud Ispahan here as an upgrade pick. However, not allowing these services may impact your experience.

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