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Their thick high quality made fibers thoroughly clean plaque between the teeth and easily slide on teeth surfaces without damaging them. It is definitely the best solution in cases where the teeth are so close to each other and can not be cleaned even with the smallest interdental brush. An effective alternative to dental floss clinically designed by professionals to remove plaque from areas between the teeth most commonly missed by tooth brushing alone. Interproximal cleaning should be done daily just like brushing your teeth. Excellent and well-made Swedish TePe interdental brushes offer quality and largest selection of brushes. Both are nicely soft and extremely comfortable to use. Interdental stimulators may be made of rubber or plastic. Be systematic when using an interdental brush and clean the teeth in one position to avoid any damage to the gums. That is a specially designed brush which is used to remove food remains and plaque from interdental areas. Triangular bristles are proven to remove more plaque. If you prefer an angled interdental brush, GUM also has an option for that. In simple terms – due to its location in teeth gaps, the gums are less protected from the effects of bacteria from dental plaque. This means the brushes need to be removed from the handle and disposed of in your normal household garbage. They are suitably available in 4 sizes from 0.4-0.7 mm, each marked with different neat handle colour. But actually, how good is to use a toothpick? Place it between two teeth and point it’s top under the angle of 45 degrees to the upper gum line. The use of brush is the best solution if you have a naturally larger spaces between the teeth, or if your gaps between two teeth are extended due to the gum disease. If you experience some pain even after trying the brush for a few weeks, stop using the brush as it might be too big for your teeth or your gums might be sensitive. Therefore, it is may be necessary for you to use several different brushes. Sometimes, it may happen that brushes are better choice for interproximal cleaning between majority of teeth gaps, while for others dental floss is more suitable. Now when we know the cause, it is easy to solve the problem. Angle TePe brushes have the handle angled to the brush head for improved access between the back teeth. Only when all five surfaces of each tooth are clean, we can talk about a thorough dental hygiene. The mixed pack of interdental brushes comes with one in each size, so it’s ideal for new users who want to figure out the width that is most comfortable. The Oral-B interdental brush refills also come in cylindrical and tapered shape. $6 for 9 at Amazon Durable nylon made bristles are soft and gentle on teeth and gums. It is only partially possible to clean spaces between teeth with the conventional brushes, as their fibers can not reach their depth. Each brush has its own plastic protective cap. TePe Interdental Brushes is a great alternative for flossing. Space’s sizes vary between incisors and molars, and even among same teeth on the opposite side of the jaw. Rank . They can accurately measure the size of each region between two teeth and determine the ideal brush for every space. Plackers Angle Interdental Brushes – best to get to the hard to reach areas, 4. Excellent and well-made Swedish TePe interdental brushes offer quality … You can use the same brush to clean those interdental spaces that are the same size. Flossing will not remove as much food debris from under the gums, while the brush will remove almost everything. They completely remove food residues and in that way prevent the formation of plaque, tartar and interdental cavity. Look for the ideal angle that allows it, with small pressure, to enter between the teeth. Always seek the advice of your dentist or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment. Do not ignore the specifics of the various zones of your teeth if you really want to properly maintain them. After each meal, dental plaque is constantly formed between the teeth. Rinse under running water and proceed with the cleaning in the following interdental area. For those gaps which the brush can not pass through, you would need a smaller one form the set or even dental floss. CURAPROX Interdental Brushes – Most durable and technologically advanced brushes. Thanks to new so called “pivot” technology, the cylindrical head of these brushes is bendable to a 45º angle in all directions without breakage. Take a look at: Picksters UK ( view on Amazon) Stoddard ( view on Amazon) Dentek ( view on Amazon) Wisdom ( view on Amazon) Yes, and in most cases they are even much better. This leads to the occurrence of defensive reaction in the mouth. 2. And their use is just as important as teeth brushing with a toothbrush.

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