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The WNG Brands Roadside Assistance Emergency Car Kit has really trimmed the fat. Add into the equation a comprehensive first aid kit with adhesive bandages, alcohol prep pads, scissors, tweezers and a range of other medical essentials, all of which comes inside its own separate pouch, and you realize you’ll be able to face almost any outcome with confidence with this kit in your car. There are a lot of kits on the market however and some will be more appealing than others – there’s no point buying a kit that contains equipment you are unsure of how to use for example. There are also basic survival supplies, like a blanket, poncho, light stick and compass. Aside from that, safety features are good, comprising a vest and reflective triangle; jumper cables are useful as is the LED flashlight. First Aid – Whether a dedicated kit or part of the emergency kit you buy, a good first aid kit can be – literally – a lifesaver. Whilst it does include a First Aid Kit, it is, as you can probably anticipate by now, pretty basic. This is a very well stocked first aid kit, containing just about everything you would need in the initial stages of minor medical emergency. On the other hand, if you don’t fancy taking on your own repairs (which is fine, sometimes we can do more than good by not waiting for the professionals!) Other handy items in the kit include a reflective warning triangle, a road safety vest, an LED flashlight, a safety hammer and an ice scraper. Performance Tool Roadside Emergency Kit, 7 As cell phone reception isn’t foolproof, it’s good to be as self-sufficient and safe as possible, even if that job is just safely waiting until help arrives. This kit from Protect Life is a good option. Pros: This versatile kit can be used in the car and around the house, too. Some kits include jumper cables which aren’t made to last or to be used in all weather. This is a good kit to throw in the trunk to prepare for any basic mechanical breakdown. Having been put together with input from the AAA, you have most of the tools to tackle a simple car based emergency here. However, one problem is deciding exactly what items or supplies should be in your kit, especially if you’ve never encountered an emergency. One of the big questions you may have after reading through our list is – why bother at all? The kit contains an incredible 269 pieces of kit all packed into one handy (and water proof) case. There is, for example, no first aid kit at all, and there are no tools – screwdriver, wrench, multi-tool – to use for roadside repairs. With an impressive 112 pieces inside, you won’t be found lacking when you’ve got the INEX Life Store Roadside Emergency Car Kit in your car. Furthermore, it’s also a good all-weather option because emergency ponchos and a snow scraper are included. Accident Stats across the US are startling. For some people, this kit is going to appeal simply due to the diversity of items carried. All perishable goods are clearly marked with a use by date too, so if you do buy this and pop it into the trunk or the glove box, jut remember to pull it out every now and then to check the dates. If you don’t monitor them they can leak or discharge, leaving you without a torch just as you need it – no such problem with the hand wound model here. Multi-tool – If you’re going to be attempting roadside repairs then you’ll need the tools. Cons: Compared to many kits, tool selection is lacking. This kit is certainly toward the premium end of our selections, both in terms of content and in terms of the price tag – ladies and gentlemen, say hello to the most expensive kit on our list today. Finally there is the question of first aid. Some of the most notable items include jumper cables, a tow strap, an emergency blanket, a Swiss Army-style multi-tool, a flashlight and a magnesium fire starter. It is in fact one of the few that does boast one, and it can be a very useful tool indeed when rescuing broken down vehicles/being rescued from your own breakdown. There aren’t many tools included, but the kit is nice and small and easy to tuck away in the car. So either consider a wind up, battery free model or check those batteries periodically for leaks and discharge. The Roadside Rescue Emergency Assistance Kit comes in a durable and compact duffle-style bag for easy storage and portability. Pros: As it’s backed by the AAA name, you can trust the inclusions are well thought out. A reflective vest and triangle can help to make you easier to see for other road users, helping to keep you safe as you wait for help, or work on the car yourself. We’re talking the fishing line and hooks and fire starter tool (amongst a few others). This streamlining also allows the kit to be compact and therefore packed into an easily stored and carried case. This kit may be lacking in some items, but the ones it does have are pretty high quality. It consists of 200 pieces, including bandages, a cold compress, gauze pads, gloves, cotton swabs and stainless steel scissors. The first aid kit is still more basic than a dedicated one, but does pack more than a lower priced kit with multiple bandages and medical gauze. affiliate commission. Whilst no one likes to think they are going to be involved in or witness an emergency incident, it does make sense to be prepared for the worst. The standout feature really has to be the hand charged LED torch that is a very well designed little tool. Saying that however, you’ll still get (a bit) of change from a 50-dollar bill, which is good going for the amount of items you’re getting here. What you do have is a good quality towrope rated to pull around 4,500 pounds, plus jumper cables. This vehicle survival kit from the aptly named brand “Always Prepared” consists of 62 pieces, including first aid, emergency, car maintenance and roadside safety gear. Additionally, the first aid kit includes basics, like bandages, gauze and cleaning towelettes.

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