benefits of mustard oil for skin

Wash it off with cold water. Mustard oil can be used with other different oil to get rid of many diseases. It may also prevent skin dryness and itching. Mustard oil can also help with joint pain and inflammation associated with arthritis. Heart health: Mustard oil is rich with monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, which may help to balance cholesterol levels in the body. Mustard oil has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties which may help in fighting skin rashes, infections, and allergies. Mustard oil is very good for baby massage as it helps baby to have healthy skin. It is used to lighten the dark spots of the face. Learn more about mustard oil benefits and uses. Follow the remedy thrice a week for better results. (Benefits of mustard oil on skin) 12. Mustard oil works effectively as a natural cleanser in cleaning your face from dust, dirt and oil. Health benefits of mustard oil. Mustard oil also be used for face massage to deal with problem like skin tanning, dark spots and skin pigmentation. Mustard oil, more commonly known as sarson ka tel in our households, which has been used for cooking since ages also happens to be one wonder ingredient for all skin, hair and health issues. Skin diseases can be controlled by the use of mustard oil. It is known to help treat ailments related to the heart, skin, joints, muscles, among having other benefits. Following are some of the well-known benefits of this wonder oil: 1. The tanning of the skin is also reduced by applying the mustard oil on the skin. However, certain uses may not be safe. Mustard oil has also a good impact on hair growth. For fair skin just apply the mixture of coconut and mustard oil on your face and massage it with your gentle hands for 10-15 minutes. (Benefits of mustard oil) 13. The health benefits of mustard oil are multiple. You can use it for different purposes. May aid weight Loss. It has multiple benefits on the skin. 2019 Update - Mustard oil isn’t just a mere ingredient used for cooking, it surprisingly has health and beauty benefits as well. New studies and researches now show the manifold benefits this natural oil has in curing health issues and ailments. Anti-bacterial: Mustard oil, when consumed, may fight bacterial infections inside the colon, intestines, urinary tract, and other parts of the digestive system. Mustard oil may benefit the body by combatting inflammation and lowering the chance of cardiovascular disease. It comes loaded with a host of benefits for skin care, beauty, health care & hair. Mustard oil contains certain B-complex

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