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The last class was very interesting – Professional Beer Tasting! Tickets are $20 on eventbrite or at the bar in advance, $25 at the door. Oregon Beer Odyssey was founded in 2010 by Ben Edmunds, Jason Yale, and Robert Bosworth. Class starts at 9pm in the mezzanine. Ok, so I don't plan things that fast, but I am ready to move forward with the Beer Appreciation Class I offered to hold. This will be a place to come sample many different varieties of beer, and learn a little bit about what makes it unique and why you may or may not like it. Previous post. Ingredients, processes and laws. Boohoo! Beer Appreciation and Education class curriculum: History of Beer Beer styles Beer Ingredients How Beer is made Tutored Beer Tasting Classes last approximately 2 hours. Beer Appreciation Class Update 3 (We have a date!) Students may not take both FST 412 and FST 422. Not quite as glib as it sounds, the program focuses on a thorough understanding of the beer industry with a focus on craft brews; the brewing process, beer “appreciation” (read tasting) and statewide business opportunities. We are the first business in Portland entirely devoted to beer education. Learn about various basic beer styles, the proper way to taste beer, including what type of glass will enhance their flavors. Beer expert Jay Brooks, a co-founder of SF Beer Week, teaches the class over 12 weeks, beginning Feb. 18. Get Your MBA, Master of Beer Appreciation, or Learn about BJCP or Cicerone® Training, or Explore the IUPUI Essentials of Brewery Operations Program! Class description: Expand your knowledge of the many taste profiles involved in the world of beer. Learn what makes each style different and what senses are involved in their complexities. Student must be 21 years of age. FST 422 - Wine and Beer Appreciation Public Health, Food Studies and Nutrition 2 credit(s) Every semester. Back to Top | Print-Friendly Page (opens a new window) Facebook this Page (opens a new window) … Students in the Syracuse University Beer and Wine Appreciation Class have a few more lessons to get in before the summer break. The first Monday of every month, Andre Sanchez will be discussing and tasting different styles of beer, with the focus on instruction of style characteristics, regional differences, comparisons, and overall general appreciation of craft beer. offers a Beer and Wine Appreciation Class to students that are age 21 and over. Thanks for your interest in either our regular Beer MBA classes, or our other beer-related training classes, or the Essentials of Brewery Operations Program and other classes I teach at IUPUI and Ivy Tech. That’s right, S.U. We are an LLC dedicated to promoting appreciation and knowledge of craft beer through formal tastings and classes. Students will learn a variety of interesting facts, stories, and information about beer's history, various styles, and how it's brewed. Sensory evaluation and discussion of still and sparkling wines and beers. On Monday April 14th, 2008 we had the last Boulder Beer “Beer Appreciation Class” until the fall. Their calendars are packed, no doubt because we’re in Beer Festival season, which pretty much runs spring, summer and fall.

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