beasts by cr 5e

Medium construct unaligned Akikage 7 40 ft. # 18 - The Beasts Name CR Speed Size Type Alignment Aegian Sentinel 7 30 ft. Huge Monstrosity unaligned Aquado Ocean Lord 11 30 ft., swim 30 ft. A handy reference sheet that lists all beasts found in WOTC Source Books (PHB, MM, VGM). Animal Forms by CR Note: Remember that Druids (including Moon Druids) can't take forms with a swim speed until level 4, and can't take forms with a fly speed until level 8, so many forms which are fantastic for their CR will be rated poorly because by the time you get them they need to compete with considerably more powerful forms. Polymorph Forms by CR Once you understand how the spell works the most important decision you make is what form to select. Can also help using hit and run tactics with the more fragile animals. Bestiary Search by name on the left, click monster name to display on the right. Medium undead lawful evil Alien (Xenomorph) 7 40 ft., climb 40 ft., swim 25 ft. Against 4 (sometimes 5) L9 characters, I have used: Bone Collective (CR8) Lake Troll (CR7, but I buffed it slightly) Spectral Guardian (Arcane Variant - CR 8) 2xWeeping Treants (CR6, added many twig blights) Oozasis (reskinned and changed abilities slightly - CR9) Name CR Speed Size Type Alignment Anjanath 11 40 ft., jump 25 ft., climb 20 ft. This sheet sorts the beasts by their CR and included the Name, Size, and Page number but there is another version of this sheet which sorts the beasts by their Size which can be … Medium monstrosity unaligned Aquado I've used several ToB monsters so far, and all have been pretty spot on for challenge IMO. A must have for quick reference for the spells Polymorph, Conjure Animals or even the Druid Wildshape ability. Also, many of the setting-specific creatures are a little overtuned for their CR … For example, a lot of beasts you've listed are dinosaurs that might not make sense outside of Chult. Medium humanoid chaotic good Aquado Sea Warden 11 30 ft., swim 30 ft. It contains 8 pieces. Question 2: Probably yes. While True Polymorph allows any creature, Polymorph only allows beasts, so this section will analyze available beast forms. In fact, I'd say better than the MM.

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