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At this stage you can teach in the mountain environment in both the Southern and Northern Hemisphere, so you can begin teaching all year round! ... CV Example: BASI Alpine Level 2 Instructor: SCQF Level 7, 12 Credits. If you have a European passport it’s really fairly straightforward – from the list above the only country that’s really tricky to get a visa to work in is the USA. The highest certification you can achieve, level 4 allows you to teach every … Can my aligned BASI Qualification be used to access job opportunities. Credit points are a way of showing how much time it takes, on average, to complete a qualification or learning programme. On the successful completion of a course qualification, BASI, as the awarding body will issue a certificate which indicates the learning outcomes achieved. The different levels indicate the level of difficulty of a particular qualification. BASI level 1 allows you to teach on artificial slopes. With BASI Level 2, you can work in Switzerland, Austria, regions of Italy, Andorra, Canada, America, South America, Australia, New Zealand and Japan, and The Canadian qualifications are recognised in Canada, America, Switzerland, Andorra, New Zealand, Australia and Japan. In practical terms, this means that a BASI Level 2 is equivalent to an A-Level, and a BASI Level 4 ISTD certificate is recognised on equal terms to an honours degree. This is the equivalent of 120 hours of work at the same level as Advanced Highers in Scotland, A Levels in England or a Higher National Certificate (HNC). More information on Credit Transfers can be found here, More information about the EQF can be found here. The Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) is a national framework for qualifications which is internationally recognised and aligned to the European Qualification Framework (EQF). As a result of the work that BASI has undertaken with the University of Edinburgh, 24 BASI courses across all levels and disciplines are now registered on the SCQF database. The table below provides an overview of the SCQF level, number of credit points and the equivalent EQF level. But everyone starts at the beginning – so if you’re interested in becoming a ski instructor and training through the BASI system just get in touch, we’d love to have a chat and talk to you about your options. Peak Leaders - BASI Ski Instructor Training Courses, ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙. If you are looking to join our BASI 1 & 2 Course, you will need to already have some ski experience. Individuals who do not reach the required level may be required to re-sit the whole course. So if you have your BASI 1 and want to go further then get in touch – Saas is the perfect place to take the next step. Advertise with BASI The certificate carries the logo of The University of Edinburgh to indicate that the courses have been credit rated by them and the SCQF logo to indicate that it is on their database. If you continue to train and achieve the BASI Level 3 (ISIA) qualification, then the places you can work are largely the same as with Level 2 but you will find it considerably easier to get a job and should get paid a better hourly rate. Only when you have a Level 2 qualification can you work internationally. Additionally, with the BASI Level 4 you’re able to apply for a ‘Carte Pro’ and work in France, which could improve your earning potential. About Us SS = Standard Score (mean = 100, SD = 15) %ile = Percentile Rank GSV = Growth Scale Value GE = Grade Equivalent AE = Age Equivalent PC = Percentage Correct Student Summary Report: BASI Level 4 Achilles N. Bardos, PhD Composite or Subtest SS Confidence Interval %ile GSV GE AE The other important thing to note is that in all these countries the BASI Level 2 is very well respected and considered on a par with (and in some cases higher than) the equivalent level from other country’s organisations. … It makes sense to begin with the Level 1 qualification and work up from there. Some employers now refer to qualifications at particular SCQF levels in their job adverts allowing them to recognise a variety of relevant qualifications and skills which would have otherwise been difficult to detail in a way that is meaningful and easy to understand. The Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework has 12 levels. BASI Snowboard level 2 has to be taken in the mountains and many course providers combine BASI level 1 & 2. Next is the question of Visa’s and work permits, this all depends on your own passport, but we assume a large percentage of people reading this will hold EU passports – it’s a complex subject and it can vary hugely depending upon where your passport is from. Ski Instructor courses BASI Snowboard level 3 allows you to teach up to and beyond advanced snowboarding across the world. On the successful completion of a course qualification, BASI, as the awarding body will issue a certificate which indicates the learning outcomes achieved. Yes. Universities and colleges, SQA and other awarding bodies decide how many of the credit points already received from previous learning can be transferred into their programmes. During a recent discussion with a group on a course, we were asked what this meant they could write on their CV and or in a cover letter? Upon completion of Level 2 you are able to teach beginner to intermediate snowboarders across Europe, Canada, America, New Zealand, Japan, Australia, South America and even Dubai. The aim of the alignment process has been to map the learning outcomes for each of the courses to a nationally recognised framework and to enhance the quality assurance processes already in place for BASI courses, training and assessment. Can my aligned BASI Qualification be used to access higher education? It’s a pretty awesome list of places to work (and I’m sure there are other countries I’ve forgotten!). BASI Level 2 Instructor Qualification. BASI, Morlich House, 17 the Square, Grantown-on-Spey, PH26 3HG, 01479 861717 As a general rule, you would need to be able ski confidently linking turns down the fall-line of a red run. After all becoming a ski instructor is sometimes a leap into the unknown, so here is some information that should help you get a clear picture of how the exams work, what happens after completing your Ski Instructor Training course and where you can use your qualification to work as a ski instructor. Alpine level 3 modules are aligned if completed after 8th July 2011, Alpine level 4 modules are aligned if completed after 3rd November 2011. FAQs. The governing bodies for the different disciplines of Canadian snowsports instructors are CSIA (Canadian Ski Instructors' Alliance), CASI (Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors) and CANSI (Canadian Association of Nordic Ski Instructors).

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