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(You can optionally place a roasting pan or foil on a lower … We much prefer our taco shells to be narrow enough to bite into easily. They held together beautifully as we stuffed them full of shredded pork. You can use a similar technique to make a batch of Baked Tortilla Chips. 10 minutes later at 375F they’ll look like this: See the light browning on the edges? Then I tried baking them instead of frying them, and I haven’t gone back to the frying pan since. Bake corn tortillas for a lower fat, less greasy homemade taco shell. And to answer a last possible question…Will this work on flour tortillas? Filed Under: Mexican Cooking 101, Most Recent, Just tried this and loved it! DANG I hate to buy those! Since I often use the Cook-Once Eat Twice method I was cooking with planned leftovers in mind. Old tortillas will crisp up more readily than new tortillas. So if I’ve had them for more than a day or two I’m wary. Now the best part…..deciding what to put in them. Come hang out at our Facebook Page . Ingenious. Thanks for the tip! But now I can take the left over corn tortillas, bake them and make veggie tacos! All For the chili/lime idea- maybe try mixing garlic salt, chili/Chipotle powder and lime ZEST together and then sprinkle on the outside. I suppose you could lay each tortilla across two racks to try to make a wider taco shell. Now that we’ve enjoyed our carnitas tacos, what will I do with the leftover corn tortillas in the package? I didn’t spray them with anything, or butter or oil or season them. So some of the tortillas cracked at the wire. She did… 10 minutes at 375F will give you a shell that has crispy edges but is still pliable in the middle. First I bought a package of corn tortillas. It’s also easy to give them a hint of flavoring if you want. They’ll bow awkwardly at first but over time the sides will drop. And where a raw corn tortilla would have torn, these crisped ones flexed enough without breaking. Don't subscribe Well aren’t you clever, Lisa? Although I can see the convenience in that, to me they’re also harder to eat when the bottom is squared. Now after the stint in the oven they’re not brittle like the commercial shells but they’re still lightly crisp. Here’s the link: Sounds like it sure came in handy this time! I’ve never had an air fryer but everyone whom I know has one says it rocks their world! Thanks for sharing at #HomeMattersParty. So easy and crispy. ~TMH~, Nice tip! You can optionally use a roasting pan or foil on a lower rack to catch the oil if you want”. These baked taco shells are much healthier than the fried version, plus they are super easy to make. What a mess the dripping oil made in the bottom of my oven. Seems like anything Mexican costs a lot here. Plus several are often already broken in the package! You can optionally use a roasting pan or foil on a lower rack to catch the oil if you want. Then I won’t forget! I think my husband and kids will really, really like both the pork tenderloin turned carnitas and the crispy tortilla taco shells! Good save! thanks for sharing the wonderful recipe, post and pictures !0 minutes at 375 was way to crunchy for me. – Margy, Isn’t it funny how different regions are so variable Margy?? Kudos! Don’t expect them to mirror their commercial counterparts, though. My tortillas continued to crisp as the oven was slowly cooling. Place each tortilla over two oven rungs. Replies to my comments The other night I made a pork roast in my slow cooker. ~TMH~, Your email address will not be published. EASY Mix-N-Pour Tortilla Recipe: No Kneading, No Rolling! I like the whole concept of baking these into taco shell shape and they worked pretty good, however, you REALLY should have told your readers to line their oven bottoms with foil or a cookie sheet. If using newer tortillas, let them dry out on the counter for a bit before putting them in the oven. Yum! Thanks for sharing on the #wastelesswednesday blog hop! The lime juice combined with oil gave them an odd flavor and they didn’t really crisp up. If I had referenced your picture, I totally would have aborted mission. They were narrow enough for easy eating & lightly crisp. If I’m just not sure how fresh they might be at the store I’ll whip up a batch of homemade corn tortillas. Required fields are marked *. Hi Natalie! You can unsubscribe at any time. My plan was to enjoy roast & potatoes for supper that night, then Carnitas Tacos with the leftovers. If you are making a big batch it’s probably best to put a roasting pan or sheet underneath them in the oven as they will drip a bit. When the time came the next day to turn leftover roast into carnitas tacos I thought about the taco shells. Plus more times than not they just taste stale to me. A shake of chipotle powder (or regular chili powder) along with a dash of salt is a good option to liven them up a little. I’ve always hated how hard and brittle commercial shells were. Then I turned the oven on to 350 degrees and set the timer for 5 minutes. That’s probably when you want to take out your first batch. If you want to give them some flavoring, add dashes of chili powder and salt. 12-13 minutes at 375F will give you a shell that is crispier but at the expense of being a little drier. All recipes are spam free. Yummy I make my own fried version for the same reasons you shared. The only one that remained whole was laid over 2 wires.

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