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486 0 obj <> endobj Project report to start backyard poultry farming Dear Sir, Solar Energy becoming an integral part of our life. purpose variees developed in India are discussed. Your Name. poultry requires viral, bacterial and parasitic control. {Ҕ�֩)�s3u�m,�6��|Q�ۙ�m\��R��a�;�`љ���,v��PE�m�1bo.W�j�6��x���iN� @�q��t��ّ��������Os��r�f誼���Egrd�d�| Backyard poultry farmers faced several issues and challenges during COVID-19 pandemic. The body weight. Jagdish Reddy. ��D��>�����[޴��s�k�a�kZ�3� P��$jƷ�>� Feeding with, millet, broken rice with equal parts of polished, • A handful of grains or kitchen waste in the, morning and evening can be given to supplement, • The scavenging feed base is very important for, • Supplemental calcium sources like limestone. ResearchGate has not been able to resolve any references for this publication. 0 All the calculations in this PDF are automatic like excel. PDF | A Guide to Backyard Poultry Farming for Sustainable Livelihoods | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate Doubling Farmers Income (DFI) in Bundelkhand Region of Uttar Pradesh, International Crops Research Institute for Semi Arid Tropics, Livestock Service Delivery by Dairy Cooperatives, Sustainable Livelihood Promotion through Agricultural Development in the Hills of South Asia, Urban and peri-urban agriculture in Cameroon: current status and perspectives for development, Sustainable livelihood promotion through agricultural development in the hills of South Asia. H��W]o�|�_1���-g�{�-�D�l�C`�#eҺMRr���ݻ]�01��۞�����;�RKc,�ihc��=��p������w? of birds here and generate the project report on any no. The bird builds up its body reserves of, • A bird can drink twice as much water as its weight, • A rooster can service six to eight hens to obtain, weeks of egg collecon for higher hatchability, • Rural hatcheries can be set up using a community-, disease (Ranikhet disease), fowl pox, etc. Feed conversion ratio at six weeks is 1.85. in the fenced area or in the shelter itself. You can change the no. The Department of Animal Husbandry, also involved in such acvies. It has plumage, a weight of 1.6-1.8 kg with feed eciency of, developed for meat and dual purposes cannot, y owing to their weight and are suscepble, A cross from between colored synthetic broiler as. �(��X��^R ���� of birds you want. A locally available feed formulaon includes: 50% cereals (maize, sorghum, pearl millet. A baseline survey of 90 backyard poultry-keepers provided a general overview of socio-economic factors, practices and constraints. Feed conversion ratio, • Brooding care of chicks ensures constant body, provides warmth in winter and coolness in summer. %PDF-1.6 %���� endstream endobj startxref Ensure proper disposal of dead, producon. Backyard birds scavenge or can thrive on leftover cereals, requiring no supplements and hence inexpensive, Backyard poultry need negligible veternary inputs, with the, exception of vaccination for New Castle Disease. Project at a Glance: Here goes the objective of country chicken farming or backyard poultry project, project overview, financial overview, subsidy details and promoter details. �s�Z�.fؕ����cFO�Z�te��̭oUM�'~�獩�k�ø�|��u�|%�B~N��*8U���:8��M�4[�2��d>�ſ�2~ �����uOS걆?K$�=��!,L�=�}$gc)�^�HT�a������L�g�j� ��C��at��x�tQ7 ���H�U�Y�� 0 I��� Periodical culling is advised to contr, How do you monitor the performance of individual, • This is easy to follow as each hen lays eggs in, hatching performance helps in choosing hens to, insights into the economics of backyard poultry, farmers idenfy underperforming/best performing, birds to either cull/breed them to enhance, developing and promong indigenous and improved, farming. Family poultry was additionally clarified as “small flocks managed by individual farm families in order to obtain food security, income and gainful employment for women and children” (Branckaert, as cited in Sonaiya, 1990c). Subscribe to Get Posts in E-Mail. A three-way cross between Assam local type (25%). During the dry season of scarcity, feed supplements. Private indus, involved in developing and promong indig, and improved poultry breeds can provide r, ICRISAT works in agricultural research for development across the drylands of Africa and Asia, making farming. From the beginning of this universe it was there however now only, we have realized its potential and various applications in our day today life.  wide x 3.5  high and 1.5-2  above the ground, with nests or baskets at a back corner of the she, during the inial six weeks under nursery rearing or, • In the second growing stage, besides the feed, risk of energy deciency is common. A Guide to Backyard Poultry Farming for Sustainable Livelihoods, All content in this area was uploaded by Prakashkumar Rathod on Mar 06, 2020, to make digital or hard copies of part(s) or all of an, properly cited. ��Xˑ8L��P] s9�F�� enable quick ight and to ght predators; attractive plumage; suitable for backyard, wattle and tongue have a purplish hue; most, Good layer among native birds; brown matte, produce 140-170 eggs in a laying year unde, males and 1.5-2.0 kg in females. Project report to start backyard poultry farming Dear Sir, Solar Energy becoming an integral part of our life. Dr M Rajalakshmi, Rajiv Gandhi Instute of Veterinary Educa, The brooder house oor must have a uniform 1-2, Lier absorbs moisture from poultry droppings and, Rake the lier frequently and treat it with slak, Spread newspapers on the lier to prevent chicks, Rear the chicks on standard chick starter r, Brooding can be natural or arcial; the former, Secure the brooding area with a brooder guard/, Provide clean drinking water before leng them, The preferred ock size is 12-15 birds per, Night shelters should be well venlated, have, Helps in converng poultry lier into manure, For laying hens, dark, raised secure nests with clean, Hens lay more eggs if adequate arcial light is, Check for loose or projecng wires, nails, or sharp, Should be comfortable, stress free with opmum, Dimensions for a 10-bird night shelter: 4  long x 3, Should be reared on standard chick starter ra. high rate of survival and good egg producon. h�b```��l�G�@��(�����|�C@�D�C ���" For any claricaon, please c, Department of Agriculture, Government of India and ICRISA, Contents page and back cover (inside) phot, Source: Sudhir Naik, Veterinary College, Bengaluru, K. The author acknowledges the valuable inputs of: • Dr Sariput Landge, Maharashtra Animal and Fisheries Sciences University, • Drs Anant Rao Desai, Siddalingswamy Hiremath and Sudhir Naik, Karnatak, Indigenous (native/desi) backyard poultry, Limitations of indigenous backyard poultry, Improved backyard poultry for egg production, Management of improved varieties of backyard poultry, Brooding/nursery management (up to 6 weeks), Information sources for scientic backyard poultry, Backyard or homestead poultry farming is c, among rural and landless families in India and is a, low investment and yields high economic r, and can be easily managed by women, children, inexpensive and rich source of protein and ener, hatching of chicks, low producvity of birds, sc, India aims to produce 106 billion eggs and r, tons with a PCA of 3.21 kg/annum by 2020 agains, 3.30 million tonnes of meat and PCA of 2.22 kg, less/Seeking%20Comments%20on%20Naonal%20, Acon%20Plan-%20Poultry-%202022%20by%2012-12-, While a majority of rural folk in India are well v, with tradional livestock rearing including tha, livelihoods from regular income, food security and, nutrion. h޴�}O�8ƿ���gW'xl�IiU�/���h�ۭ��I�6�i�M\���8.,p���� ��g��q~&!Og��LAV0��d2N�Lɘ�b�Ȇ,�1�[!5b&T�y����M%L 5$gR��w�w����״�xN?��3��+�r�j���2�`*Ix�ncP��nt��:�K�(3���L�� {���͌���� Ff�+m����/��W�in㤠�=>�T�L����X*Zq7�A�)خ����)��Jgń�S6E�B�o׆I] ��ba(���R�O��o���(�"�Q��K�%�'�����9���k��1�e��9z����t;srz�Ff����XןHZ�հwc�GV[�T7~�����/�o���U��G�SSX�D=�>0�biY,zK]��}��衏=���7��#P28�)�0���%4tmM���WH��9UZ�V34�1�,��]/M��r�P��(�nk�M�rt6+g�P�6��Qg7��:5��KzCa����_p�[|�WS���ܑRa��E��P��7��f��"W�i39Ы,�}�026�� �ư�1��[��rC�'I����������;:��1y�tg��эlel�D�,f� ����m�9ǡ�y�v�En��Z���{��uZ��*[۲��c�Vs��e'y)����Y�)��?Ȫں�N�kn4��#��Io��ʺ�\v���(�a����Y�R3��'R9d��_F��{* endstream endobj 490 0 obj <>stream Backyard poultry farming is popular in the country due its economic, employment and nutritional In spite of its huge contribution to rural livelihood not much interest has been poultry farming on extension and communication behaviour of the tribal farmers which is an important factor for scaling up of backyard poultry farming in rural areas. is a platform for academics to share research papers. colored broiler (25%) and Dalhem Red (50%). �l�}�Sڤ�f)0���������A��c~�:b8�߰�o2������F��hG��̜/3x��=&��J�*j��ۮ���� �:E]�#h? %%EOF Improved varieties developed in India for, Indian native chicken with frizzle plumage, crossed with CARI Red; has four different. PDF | A Guide to Backyard Poultry Farming for Sustainable Livelihoods | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate Basic tenets of Poultry farming 1.1 The location and design of the farm shall comply with the State Pollution Control Board. Guide to Backyard Poultry Farming for Sustainable Livelihoods | 1 Introduction Backyard or homestead poultry farming is common among rural and landless families in India and is a lucrative source of supplementary income.

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