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1st November 2017 by Kate Williams 3 Comments. If you want to make sure that you remember all these ideas (and if you have young kids there’s a good possibility your memory isn’t what it used to be) then make sure you bookmark this page or pin the image below so you’ll have all these baby led weaning recipes to hand when you need them. Here we have created a healthier version for the babies so they too can enjoy being Lancashire lads! Yes please! Your email address will not be published. Within this post there are 21 baby led weaning lunch ideas with something for every taste, every diet and every baby. These also make the perfect party food as well as a delicious baby led weaning lunch. And if you have any more ideas, leave them in the comments below! Fritters are another baby led weaning lunchtime favourite here. These salmon burgers are jam packed with nutrients and are a real healthy alternative to fast food. This blog is all about our baby and toddler led parenting journey, baby led weaning experiences and recipes, reviews we hope you find useful and lots of other ramblings about our favourite things like travelling, family days out and the purchase of our first family home. Delicious! Another delicious soup recipe and this one is really luxuriously thick so is perfect for letting baby have a go with the spoon. Another batch making fave from us using courgette and bread crumbs to create a delicious bite that's perfect for babies from six months onwards. And I am all for recipes that can feed my baby AND the adults! Soup can be a messy business when you're baby led weaning, but it's well worth the clean up! Struggling to come up with ideas of what to offer your baby for lunch? These baby led weaning recipes are all perfect for sharing with your little one and they’re all tried and tested out by other parents so you know they have their kids seal of approval too. Tips: Soup is one of my favourite things to serve baby since the vegetables, protein and grains become really tender when cooked in broth. We love making a huge batch of these and popping them in the fridge for a tasty after school snack for the older one too! We love beetroot in this household, purely for the stunning colour it turns our food. Cheese and broccoli make the ultimate combo and mixed with delicious quinoa, they are simply divine! We love the colour of these delicious burgers. Super quick to make and perfect to batch make. I like to cook up a batch of this chicken noodle soup at the beginning of the week for a quick and easy lunch or dinner for the whole family.. I'm Nicola, 34 years old and from the North West. The perfect baby led weaning lunch that baby can share with his Mama! Here are super healthy lunch ideas for baby led weaning. As always with everything baby led weaning I would advise you to use common sense and if you haven’t already read up on choking hazards and foods to avoid giving your baby then make sure you do so.. I'm the mum of two kids and I love to share simple and creative activities that you can do with your child! Within this post there are 21 baby led weaning lunch ideas with something for every taste, every diet and every baby. We like to cut these into three strips for younger babies as they then become much easier to handle. A nice and easy baby led weaning lunch idea that can be prepped in advance and shared with the whole family. Super simple to create and they taste incredible! Enjoy! We are from the North West of England where pies are life. This post has the ultimate guide – plus loads are great to offer to baby too! These are our favourite recipes because the majority can be batch cooked; can be served to the whole family and are healthy and nutritious! Need more ideas? Savoury muffins jam packed with nutrients and can be batch made? I’ve got eight that we used in the video below. Quesadillas are a firm fave here as they're so simple to make and just taste absolutely delicious. All of these recipes look so delicious- can’t wait to try them with my own kiddos. This frittata is jam packed with spinach and feta - a truly delicious combo. LOOKING FOR FREE RECIPES? Find Out More Here…, Copyright © 2020 Crafts on Sea on the Foodie Pro Theme, « Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids: Mayflower Ship Paper Plate. I try and introduce a new food to his plate as often as I can, even if he just play with it the first three or four times, he will eventually decide for himself if he likes the food or not. Wow - what a combo! Fantabulosity – Toddler Lunch Ideas – finger foods, Healthy Little Foodies – Banana and Peanut Butter Sweet Potato Sandwiches, Five Heart Home – Veggie Surprise Mini Muffins, The Diva Dish – Strawberry Broccoli Salad, Little Grazers – Cheesy Couscous Bites wih Tomato Dip, Baby Led Feeding – Spinach Cream Baby Pies, Lil Luna – Corn Dog Nuggets (hot dogs can be a choking risk for younger kids so I’d recommend using normal sausages or cutting the hot dogs length ways as this article advises), Healthy Little Foodies – Bean and Veggie Nuggets, Easy Toddler Meals – Chicken and Veggie Patties, My Fussy Eater – Cauliflower and Cheese Quinoa Bites, Healthy Little Foodies – Tuna and Potato Cakes, Baby Led Weaning Recipes for the Whole Family, Filed Under: Baby Led Weaning Tagged With: baby led weaning, recipes. close x. I'm Mummy to Dex, wife to Neil and we have just welcomed the latest addition to our family: Felix. Want some easy ideas for finger food snacks? These healthy lunches are all kids-approved and totally delicious for little ones. As someone who has spent an awful lot of time making the same sandwiches over and over again I love sharing these baby led weaning lunch ideas here as it gives me the inspiration to try something new, after all this is food that’s suitable for the whole family! These ham, cheese, spinach and tomato pinwheels are the bomb!

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