baby led weaning and purees combination

Hi I was just wondering if anhyone was doing a combination and of Purees i.e. Something went wrong. Im worried of choking . I am a first time mom, living in a different country, and the hubs is away sooo I have feel like I have to be extra careful. I’m going through this now with my 7 month old and am just overwhelmed by it all. Reply. It’s a way of mixing approaches as needed if that is what your baby needs. Hi, Does it d, Is there a specific meal you should be starting yo. I think anymore at this point for him would decrease his milk intake. Bit scary. and if so how does it work for you and what did you introduce first. There’s no need for saying something like “Just one more bite,” even if you’re feeding from a spoon. Things like daycare not being on board with finger foods, or significant others being fully resistant. It may seem silly, "Can I feed this to my baby if they don't have tee, Does your baby throw food on the ground? Please read the first few paragraphs of this post. Even gags with mum mums… I’ve started to make his purées thicker in hopes that helps.. he starts daycare in 2 months and it would be great if he was off purées. I am not a mom, but love reading about your family. He really enjoys both! Here’s why. Combining Baby Led Weaning And Purees. I guess I will just try the small pieces and see how that goes. A balanced approach always was the wiser decisions in most cases. Do you monitor your pee color? When I speak about Baby Led Weaning everyone that has done purees says that 6 months is when they would start pikcing at food anyway and that by giving purees as well babies are getting use to both tectures? If you are apprehensive about your baby’s ability to tolerate more than one texture, I’d recommend serving pureed foods and table foods at separate meals. The popularity of baby-led weaning (BLW) has been on the rise, and many mamas are drawn to the idea of feeding their child right off their plate because of all the benefits that come along with it. xoxo. But if you’re practicing a safe form of providing foods (meaning they’re smooshable- at least at the beginning), there’s nothing from an eating mechanics standpoint that would suggest any greater safety risk with combining methods. It’s important to note that whatever weaning approach you choose, breast milk or formula should always be a baby’s main source of nutrition until around a year old. Just played with preloaded spoon only. Some start a little earlier, and some wait longer. Regardless of whether you decide to do one method only, or combine traditional and baby led weaning into something that works for your unique family, if you are serving your baby table foods of any kind make sure you keep the following in mind. We have always initially offered each kiddo options on their high chair according to what stage they were in, and then offered purees towards the end of the meal. this is weird, but i’ve always been oddly good at using my fingernails to peel tape off things and untie knots, so it’s not too tough That often means not following a method completely to the letter. P take enormous bites, so that didn’t work initially. For iron-rich foods you can check out my blog post on iron-rich foods for toddlers and babies – Sometimes those groups can end up being more stressful than helpful! We did purees until about 10 months when little miss flatly refused to be spoon fed anymore. It’s a common question that so many parents have. Whatever the reason, I want parents to know that it doesn’t have to be black and white when it comes to weaning. I love this! You want your baby to be able to recognize their hunger and fullness cues. Hi Lexi! Then there is a clear delineation between the types of foods. You can do a quick internet search of both weaning approaches and get thousands of opinions. Her favourites are bread, raw green beans, slices of cucumber, slices of apple, pizza crust, and cheese. We aren’t quite there yet (5months old) & I’m totally uninformed, but how do you puree? baby rice etc. Many other parents decide to begin the weaning process with purees, however. -Gagging. They like to say that you should never combine traditional and baby led weaning. My twins are 6 months old today and we are starting solids. (ref) There hasn’t been much, if any, research done specifically on the safety of combining two methods. It’s so important to me that we let go of these all-or-nothing rules that we so often find in … Following Blw pathway. He does great with steamed carrots cut up like fries and bites bananas well…..o the ganging though! And some of you seem to forget that it is not logical and no natural to be fed (except nursing) or e fed purees or to learn chewing later than swallowing solids. So, tell me friends: did you do the baby-led weaning thing or stick to purees? -It’s pretty messy. I really enjoyed reading and appreciate your experiences that you shared!! So if the people making this recommendation are ok with pre-loading a spoon and giving something that is naturally a pureed texture, I can’t understand why they are so against giving something else that is pureed artificially. And avoid taking guidance about safety from people on facebook who’s only real knowledge of baby led weaning is that they’ve done it before and read the book, if at all possible! Espec. You can totally use any old blender .. just cook the food however you wish (boil, steam, bake, whatever) and then mix the food with a little water like Gina said, and then use whatever you have to puree it. She likes the purees now, but she also enjoys feeding herself, but the gagging!!! This isn’t dangerous and isn’t blw at all. Success! There is definitely no need to restrict a baby for an arbitrary 2 week “reset” period before giving finger foods, though! I'm so glad you're here. Welcome to The Fitnessista, a healthy lifestyle blog emphasizing quick workouts, quick recipes and adventures as a wife and mom. Hi I was just wondering if anhyone was doing a combination and of Purees i.e. Some start a … Omg I have the SAME fear with the gag reflux. He never had issues with poo but I’m wondering if anyone’s baby still poop 4 times a day. Does this sound ok to continue let her feed? He has be exclusively breastfed and we started purees a week before he turned 6 months. i wish i had some good tips for you! Know the safety guidelines around smooshable food, and let your baby lead the way with what is right for them. We are day 2 into BLW but my son gets a little agiatated . I find joy in helping others relieve the stress of meal times and feeding their children, from the first bite on!

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