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Baby 5 told Buffalo that no one can say no to a marriage proposal. After Lao G knocked out Chinjao, Baby 5 was shocked to hear Lao G calling her "convenient" but overjoyed when Sai promised to marry her after defeating Lao G.[12], While Sai was tending to Chinjao after Lao G's downfall, Baby 5 remarked that Sai had two ceremonies to prepare for, a wedding and a funeral, which irritated both Sai and Chinjao as the latter wasn't dead. When infuriated by the deaths of her fiancés, she refers to him as "Joker" rather than his true name or, as some other members refer to him, "young master. She, Law, and Buffalo would often socialize together when not on missions, as seen when the trio discussed their real names with each other. Baby 5 assisted the Straw Hats in escaping Dressrosa along with the Corrida Colosseum gladiators. Sometime after the Torikago game aftermath, Baby 5 was seen at the palace sleeping next to Sai. Due to her knack of accepting every request ever made to her, Baby 5 believed that every proposal made was sincere and true love, causing Doflamingo to kill all eight proposers and their hometowns to protect Baby 5 from their true intentions. [22], Baby 5 later had a conversation with Gladius concerning Violet's betrayal. According to the fruit description, all of her body is made of weapons. [9], She was first seen on Dressrosa when Doflamingo was talking to Vergo. After Corazon's capture, Baby 5 and Buffalo informed Doflamingo that the Marines stationed at the island took custody of a boy. Avoid using creams and ointments on the baby’s skin, as these can further clog the pores and lead to more milia. Doflamingo killed all of them and destroyed every city they lived in. The wildflower is found on slopes in elevations between 20–1,000 metres (66–3,281 ft). 2‘ sample library by Smemo Sounds contains 5 construction kits to help you start new Trap/Hip-Hop beats. She has the strength to carry several heavy weapons larger than herself as well as superior jumping abilities, as shown when she jumped off of Buffalo in midair to allow him to blow away the lethal gas weapon, landing safely on his back when he was done. After learning Law's real name and getting scolded for her insistence, she witnessed Corazon carrying a protesting Law away, thinking that the officer was going to pick on him. [14], When Sugar's curse broke, all the toys in Dressrosa transformed back into their original forms. Distribution. Kuen Village (former); Spider Miles (former); Dressrosa (former) "[9], However, when Doflamingo asks her to do something, the feeling of being needed implores her to help him again, and she considers any inability to respond to his need to be a failure on her part.[21]. [12], Baby 5 initially fought against Sai at Dressrosa due to being on opposite sides. Before leaving the island, they found themselves under fire by Tsuru's squadron. [46] She then witnessed Pica's defeat at the hands of Zoro, and was awestruck by Zoro's feat of strength. She has been seen smoking a cigarette on multiple occasions and sometimes carries heavy weapons on her back, including a large rifle, an axe, and a sword. Baby 5 ate the Buki Buki no Mi, a Paramecia-class Devil Fruit that allows her to change her entire body or parts of her body into any kind of weapon she likes. Happo Navy[2]; Chinjao Family[3]; Straw Hat Grand Fleet; Donquixote Pirates (defected) While fighting Franky, she used her Missile Girl technique and caused a huge explosion. [1], Off the coast of Punk Hazard, Baby 5 and Buffalo were seen heading to the island.

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