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to ‘put’ their new employees, and they end up wasting cash on salaries for an under-utilized team. This next example of from Forrester Research and their CMO, Jeff Ernst: Growth Marketing Team, Example #3 – “The Funnel-Focused Org”, “I try to rationalize this structure by saying that team 1 is above the funnel, team 2 is top and middle of the funnel, and team 3 creates materials for the bottom of the funnel and acts as a service bureau to the rest.”. But if you’re a Startup, or company in the Traction or Growth phase, you have an advantage if you switch towards a growth-centric model for your processes, campaigns, and team now. It becomes extremely important to hire the right people at the right time to make sure every dollar spent grows your business to the next revenue band. But you absolutely need to make some adjustments to how you’ve used to do things. Because of the funnel-focus already existing, you don’t necessarily need a dedicated team. You can actually apply a modified version of Moore’s Law to marketing. Team lead would be the VP of Marketing, and not every team member need to be involved on all experiments, and because of that, it’s important to track, measure, and collect knowledge that everyone has access to. All Rights Reserved. You’re not going to win the “marketing lottery” with a campaign that generates hockey-stick growth. Send message. Many founders throw money at new employees hoping their business will grow… Only to find they don’t know where to ‘put’ their new employees, and they end up wasting cash on salaries for an under-utilized team. This is the table that need to change, and specifically towards growth processes and models. It’s a privilege to meet and work alongside such talented people and teams. The process of “hacking” growth can also, in turn, be translated into a process for developing, deploying, and optimizing your marketing campaigns. This Infographic shows a sample organization chart that takes common scope-of-work (for B2B companies) into account. The Winning By Design Blueprint Series provides practical advice for every part of a SaaS sales organization. We built our entire company for the inbound era, from marketing to sales to service, because the buyer has all the power today and you need to realign your company for that. This year’s study marked our 9th annual survey, and with over 1,400 private B2B SaaS companies responding. We built our entire company for the inbound era, from marketing to sales to service, because the buyer has all the power today and you need to realign your company for that. The model just about everyone has adopted so far is the “Predictable Revenue” strategy, by Aaron Ross. And here is the biggest shift marketing leaders have to make in order for their marketing efforts to yield exponential ROI: You have to fundamentally shift your focus, from resource-oriented to process-oriented. It’s a great model for startups to find Product/Market Fit, which in itself is obviously crucial (without it, you have no business). Normally, I mostly work with clients who are looking for Traction or Growth (tend to be startups and companies in the 6-figure range who want to scale), and these examples are of large marketing organizations – but it still applies to you and your company. For an organization like this, infusing a “growth mindset” across all teams would yield more than setting aside a dedicated team. Now, other types of companies can pick this up too, but talking more specifically about B2B SaaS and software companies, funneling sales opportunities to your inside sales team is the prime concern. You blend inbound and outbound to develop campaigns that attracts, captures, nurtures, and feed MQLs to your inside sales team. A B2B SaaS company gained 100 and lost 20 customers in 10 months. The teams I’ve worked with so far are brilliant and experts at what they do. I think our org chart is the future of the marketing org because of that – we focus on an inbound experience that the buyer drives, with us providing value along each stage.”. But models and frameworks like these can yield disproportionate and exponential results for your growth. And that’s where having the proper organization chart comes into play. Exclusive Download: High Octane Team Technique™ – Break Down Your Organization Structure by Function & Create An Environment of Results, Not Excuses. In the last article I talked about preparing your marketing team for growth by starting to think and strategies about team structure, systems, and process. I'm a Conversion Copywriter and Growth Consultant. To illustrate my point, here’s a traditional marketing team resource table: (Thanks and credit to Jascha Kaykas-Wolff (Mozilla CMO) for the slide in his presentation). See, I believe a successful founder doesn’t just build a business…. You will probably never go “viral” or be a YouTube sensation. CASE IN POINT: Over the past decades, B2B salespeople were referred to as individual contributors. HubSpot also finds itself well beyond the intitial Startup and Traction phase, and is in the Established phase. Who reports to who. Mike Volpe has formed a team that focuses on the inbound experience and it’s working – they recently hit 15,000 HubSpot partners. Smart people think you can, and have done so: enter the term “growth hacker”. If one was to set aside a dedicated Growth Team with a structure like this, it would involve the Product Marketing Managers (PMM) being team lead, while a small core of 4 members (creative, channel, analytics/data, and developer) could be given the challenge, resources, and budget to pursue experiments. B2B SaaS: How To Build Your Organization. Reps were hired, trained and compensated to perform as an individual to … This comes from a time when enterprise sales people left the office on a Monday to return to … The minimum contract length is 3 months. To broad categories of Creative, Marketing Operations, Content & Communication, Product Marketing, and Demand Generation can remain as categories, but if you’re trying to achieve Traction or go from Traction to Scale, your campaigns only job is to make that happen. Reps were hired, trained and compensated to perform as an individual to hit a quota. However, that’s only possible if you lay the groundwork with specific strategies, models, and team structure. But actually, your constraint is process. You might be a team of 1 or a handful of people, but the roles and capabilities for growth are largely the same. It’s time to expand your operations and take your business to the next level. Requirements have shifted, from the focus of big national campaigns with award-winning creative (there’s still a time and place for that) towards blending creative, data and analytics focused, experimentation, and models and team structures that are agile, “lean”, but still impactful.

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