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Another good optional read is the AWS Well-Architected Framework whitepaper. Aside from questions on the different services, questions about Regions and Availability Zones commonly pop up in the exam as well. Try to remember all of the design principles by heart, and imagine situations where you can apply them. I suggest you thoroughly review the following: Best Practices when Architecting for the Cloud. Lastly, try to familiarize yourself with the AWS Management Console. AWS charges you in multiple ways., Check out this AWS CloudFormation Cheat Sheet: When unsure which is cheaper, use the cost calculators provided to you by AWS, or search for the pricing in the services’ FAQ or on this website. You can view the complete details and guidelines for the certification exam here. EFS is more expensive than EBS, EBS is more expensive than S3. The AWS Command Line Interface (CLI), on the other hand, is a unified tool to manage your AWS services. Multiple-choice: Has one correct response and three incorrect responses (distractors). Hence, I suggest you first read, , and gain a good understanding of the different AWS concepts and services.  4) Monitoring and Logging of your Infrastructure (Cloudwatch, cloudtrail, etc) Black Friday Sale FINAL Week: Biggest Ever Discounts Plus Freebies for Lucky Winners.  3) VPC and Application Network Security (security groups, ACLs, etc) AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Guide ELASTICCB.COM 1 AWS Cloud Practitioner Cheat Sheet Thanks for downloading the Cheat Sheet. This will be helpful to attain a clear idea about the impact of AWS … You can learn more about reserved capacity in the whitepaper. This is a quick browse of a webpage, and shouldn’t take you long in studying. For every concept you encounter, there will almost always be a corresponding AWS documentation available that goes into further detail on that concept. Read the exam questions properly, but don’t spend too much time on a question you don’t know the answer to. References: Here you can quickly read through the whole thing since this paper is not very concept heavy. Next is to study how you can protect your data in and going out of AWS. When you are feeling confident with your review, it is best to validate your knowledge through sample exams. After you have studied the overview, the whitepaper, The Total Cost of (Non) Ownership of Web Applications in the Cloud.  1) Data encryption at rest and in transit (EBS, S3, EC2, RDS, etc) This guide will help you to accelerate your learning even faster. The same concept applies for the three (3) year term. These tasks might include starting and stopping Amazon EC2 instances and Amazon RDS databases, creating Amazon DynamoDB tables, creating IAM users, and so on. The same concept applies for the three (3) year term. If you didn’t watch the video course, then that is fine as well, since the AWS Security Best Practices whitepaper discusses the same thing. Title: AWS Cloud Practioner Services and Definitions Cheat Sheet by kerwbstomp - Created Date: 20200713154416Z But be extra careful in answering questions that ask for the most cost effective solution. Knowing which ones fit best with your business requirements is key in creating a well-architected infrastructure. Communicate your IT certification exam-related questions (AWS, Azure, GCP) with other members and our technical team. Note that the CCP exam frequently asks scenarios where you’d have to optimize your costs. Meet other IT professionals in our Slack Community. A few days before your exam, you can choose to reread all the whitepapers or rewatch the video lectures, or you can simply study the reviewer you made. You can try answering the, AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Sample Exam, found in the exam guide, or purchase the actual practice exam (Exam Code.

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