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Aslihan Hatun is a strong minded women of the Cavdar tribe. As always, you did a wonderful job, Gin! Notable people with this name include: K. Aslıhan Yener, archaeologist; Aslıhan Koruyan Sabancı, chef and cookery writer; Other uses. She began regularly posting to Instagram in November 2013. Halime HatunAliyar BeyHayme AnaTurgut AlpBamsi BeyrekSelcan Hatun, Aliyar bey (Older brother)Ural bey (Oldest brother)Colpan hatun (Sister-in-law)Turgut (Husband). This did not last long though. “Warrior” for turks and arabs instead of “saracens”. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Gulsim Ali, Actress: Seddülbahir 32 Saat. First one who talks stays alive! She is the daughter of Candar Bey and younger sister of Aliyar and Ural bey. Affiliation I just returned from a trip to Istanbul--makes me really appreciate the history in your drawing even more! In order to retain peace between the two turkish tribes (Kayi and Cavdar), Aslihan's father thought it would be reasonable to ask for Ertugrul bey's hand in marriage to his daughter. Wow, she looks determined and fierce! Despite Ural's turn to treachary, Aslihan stayed good along with Aliyar. In season 4 Aslihan bravely went after Sadettin for revenge, not knowing it would cause her death. A Concept Drawing of a Ottoman/Anatolian Turkish Woman Warrior in the. So, followers and fans of Gülsim Ali Ilhan can know his biography, family, age, relationship, height and more facts about her.Hope you will get know more about Gulsim Ali Ilhan: Bio, Age, Family, Career, Facts & Wiki!. Miscellaneous Aslihan hatun is a strong born-to-be-a-leader women. After her treacherous brother is killed by Ertugrul, she develops hatred towards Ertugrul but after discovering the truth about her brother, she begins supporting Ertugrul. Despite Ural's turn to treachary, Aslihan stayed good along with Aliyar. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. I take it she is not known as Lady Aslihan the Merciful. Historically Wrong Sketch Series: Medieval Revisited. In the beginning, it appeared that Aslihan liked Ertugrul and even lended him a hand. Until Aslihan could see the truth, she treated Aliyar horribly, because she didn't know the things he knew. She believes that he brought her up as a fighter. Aslıhan Hatunıhan_Hatun?oldid=420. Resurrection: Ertuğrul) is a Turkish historical fiction and adventure … She is an actress, known for Türev (Derivate), Egg … Is some sick badassery Gin. She was born in Ruse which Turk minority in Bulgaria live.Social media star who is famous for her gyulsim Instagram account. However, there was a turn of events at some point in season 3 where, after her father passed, she turned against Ertugrul and Aliyar. She was delighted about the idea of a marriage with Ertugrul, but was unable to marry him because he rejected her. So it's no exaggeration that they fielded some of the best military force in late medieval to early modern era. She was blind, and didn't consider the things her brother (Aliyar) would say. His valiant sons are El Gazi ibn Artuk who battled Baldwin II of Edessa at the Battle of Hab, Syria (1119) but lost and Soqman ibn Artuk, the ally of the hot tempered Tugtekin Bey, The Governor of Damascus against the Crusaders in 1104 at the Battle of Harran near Raqqa. The Kayi Tribe (Kayı boyu/Kayi Obasi) is considered to be one of the 24 Oghuz Turkic Tribes that descend from the legendary and almost mythical figure Oghuz Khan/Oghuz Khagan.The symbol of the Kayi Tribe is said to mean "able and mighty.”. Aslıhan is also a place connected to the Altıeylül district of Balıkesir province, Turkey. I love seeing all of the different armor styles thanks to you. Aslihan is very similar to Aykis (the dead wife of Turgut), in the fact that they are both amazing at fighting and wives of Turgut who died with honour. In season 3, the two of them do not get on with each other, and Halime threatens her. Museums such as that in Topkapi Palace, Florence and England, have plenty of collections or Ottoman Arms and Armors, so technically speaking, I had an easy time finding references that I need. Before Ural was exposed for his troublesome actions, Aslihan cared for Ural a lot. The Kayi Tribe & Its Origins. March, March for the Glory of Our Eternal Ottoman State! After the death of Aliyar, Aslihan led the Cavdar Tribe with courage. Portrayed by really enjoy this artwork especially all the detail you put into the armor etc. Sell custom creations to people who love your style. Upload your creations for people to see, favourite and share. Wooooow! Chandar bey is Aslihan's only parent, and she loves him very much. Gulsim Ali Aslihan was fine with the idea of being a second wife to Ertugrul bey but it hurt Halime Sultan. The Beylik of Artukids was named after him, founded 11 years after his death by his sons. Aslihan: The Conqueringplan i just filled with the Sultan does list me, my mens, doctor Sea Cucumber here, but only one of you! Aslihan Hatun is a strong minded women of the Cavdar tribe. In this blog, we have written about Gulsim Ali Ilhan: Bio, Age, Family, Career, Facts & Wiki. The advantage of such reputation is that, the Ottoman Army is one of the most widely studied by the western world and as such, finding references about what they did, who joined their ranks and what they wore was a much easier task as compared to finding for other drawings in the series. Experiment with DeviantArt’s own digital drawing tools. Ertugrul BeyHalime HatunAliyar BeyHayme AnaTurgut AlpBamsi BeyrekSelcan Hatun Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. Every governor in the Empire was a general and every policeman was a Janissary. However, when she saw the truth, she and her brother developed a strong bond. Season 3 Both Candar bey and Aslihan hatun were slightly offended by his decision and this is when their hatred for Ertugrul began. Every mountain pass had its guard and every road had a military destination. Aliases Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License. Family is that thick coat have specific name? She is the daughter of Candar Bey and younger sister of Aliyar and Ural bey. Associates She is Bulgarian-Turkish citizen of Turkish descent. ^^  I really like the building in the background. Aslihan and Turgut fall in love with eachother. Resurrection:Ertugul Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Ertugrul refused the proposal as he loved only Halime Sultan and didn't want to break her heart. Her whole body, her whole attitude just shows epicness and power. Aslihan asks Halime for forgiveness and Halime forgives her. Aslihan had also developed much respect for Ertugrul, as she has helped him out in the past. Diriliş: Ertuğrul (transl. Very impressive. Aslihan was brought up by Chandar bey (of Cavdar tribe); she grew up without a mother. Aslıhan is a Turkish female given name, derived from names Aslı and Han.It means 'from khan family' or shortly 'noble'. However, she was stabbed once in the throat.

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