are spotted salamanders poisonous

Yes blue spotted salamanders are poisonous!! A poisonous animal, such as a salamander, only poisons when it is touched with bare hands or eaten. We just caught a Yellow Spotted Salamander in our basement (Canada, it's black with yellow spots on it's back). I found a spotted salamander in my basement. I live in northern PA. Spotted Salamanders are most abundant in deciduous bottomland forests along rivers, but they can be found in upland mixed or coniferous forests if the climate is sufficiently wet and there have access to ponds that are suitable for breeding. The only concern for keeping salamanders is that like most … Salamanders are poisonous. I just want to get a second opinion before I pick it up. Spotted salamanders secrete a very mild toxin from there skin which is NOT DANGEROUS TO HUMANS OR PETS Are bracken ferns poisonous to humans? Thanks for any info you have. Well-known respected people are often quoted, this share has not passed, and this description of the fact that the salamander is poisonous to the point of emergency, by the way, for the most part it does not apply to all salamanders, but only to those called spotted or fiery salamander. All species of salamanders are known to be poisonous. Bracken ferns are not poisonous … ... blue spotted salamanders live in the eastCanada ,USA ,Saskatchewan Manitoba.they usually live in/under logs,leaves,and other places. It is black with yellow dots on it. I looked online and one site said the were and one said they weren't. If they are, how do i get rid of them if there are more. Tiger Salamanders are really popular pets in the areas in which they are legal to own and do not produce toxins, although if you are handling one, then stick your hands in your mouth, you can certainly expect some repercussions. However, before you start getting worried, it is important to note that there is a significant difference between poisonous and venomous. From what I can tell from google searching, it is poisonous -but- not harmful to humans. They're poisonous should you choose to eat one, but obviously no one actually eats salamanders today. I have a 2 year old and 2 dogs.

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