ap world history unit 3 multiple choice test answers

How would the Mongols use the Russian duke's description to their advantage if they chose to invade Hungary? Tang emperors ordered the closure of what monasteries? 55 terms. Previous Test Next Test. What trend among cities around the world of that era is reflected in this image? . Created by. During these 2 chinese dynasties, the imperial civil service examinations were expanded and filled posts. In this society, merchants and traders were placed lower than farmers, Islamic art focused on abstract geometrics inspired by, the focus of this period in japan was on the cultural independence from china-, The coronation of this king alined the roman catholic church and the franks. Chapter 28 Study Guide Questions - AP World History. Chapters 14 & 15 Study Guide. Abelard's views would most directly support which development in Europe? The invention of "flying cash" made trade easier by enabling Chinese merchants to use paper money instead of cumbersome copper coins. . As for religion, which he found uncertain and torn by various heresies, he destroyed everything that could lead to error, and securely established the true faith upon one solid foundation. 25 terms . Which development was the turning point that led to the expansion of trade between Asia and Europe? Which source would be most useful to a historian trying to interpret which passage written by Procopius is the most accurate representation of Emperor Justinian? The chief alderman shall be chosen from those men belonging to the wards, of unblemished character, strong and upright, who can discharge the duties of the time effectively. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. THIS SET IS OFTEN IN FOLDERS WITH... 44 terms. Large cities lost importance as trading centers as the Mongols provided safe and secure passage for long-distance traders. The European medieval society's political power was invested in the -, The most important technological innovation in seafaring was -, The practice of __________ is probably the best example of a patriarchical nature in Chinese society, After the collapse of the western roman authority, these tribes established regional kingdoms. The Byzantine government spent heavily on military actions. The city had important religious significance to Islam as well as Christianity and Judaism. Which statement about China and trade is best supported by this passage. madie1699. Word Within a Word 13-17. These were (not horned) explorers. The following are elements of what civilization? 125 terms. these muslim groups split after the death of muhammad. "The cities of Arabian Spain became the resort of Christian artisans, to instruct themselves in the useful arts. What statement supports the conclusion that ministers who had traveled to China persuaded Japanese Emperor Shotoku to enact these reforms? The Little Ice Age caused shortages of food and reduced the amount of agricultural surplus available for trade. One factor that contributed to the declines of both Great Zimbabwe and of the Mayans was, This map shows that the migration of Bantu speakers extended from the "Bantu Cradle" to, One important reason that Bantu speakers were successful in spreading their culture was that they, used iron technology, which gave them advantages over other cultures. trade and communication had been stronger than they were. The AP World History Exam assesses student understanding of the historical thinking skills and learning objectives outlined in the course framework. Nice work! How did the Taika Reforms affect the political structure of Japan? How were the religious practices of Bantu speakers similar to those of a later faith that would spread in Africa? These conquerors often converted the people they conquered to the religion of the land-, Both the Tang and Byzantine empires had _______ governments. . silver, gems, and gold went from Europe to China; silk, paper, gunpowder, and diseases went from China to Europe. Which statement best describes the effects of the Mongol invasions on large cities such as Baghdad? . Learn.

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