amazon business analyst l4 salary

How much of this is negotiable without a competing offer? Average salaries for Amazon Business Analyst: [salary]. A business analyst keeps an eye on company and industry data to help facilitate company decisions. New grad, Masters degree in statistics, internships all non-relevant Base: 75k Bonus: 20k RSU: 30k TC (mine): 170k One thing’s immediately clear from the Reddit data: If you’re starting out as a software engineer at Amazon, you can expect to pull down $108,000 in base salary, $70,000 in stock options, and anywhere from $64,000 to $44,000 as a bonus (which averaged to $51,142, based on the total number of respondents). We compiled the top 11 highest paying jobs at Amazon, ... Average salary: $73,221. Salary packages of reputed e-commerce platforms like Amazon are also great. Amazon salary trends based on salaries posted anonymously by Amazon employees. In India, the average annual salary of a Business Analyst at Amazon ranges anywhere between Rs. 3,28,484 – 17,83,171, with senior-level roles earning the higher end of the salary scale. Salary scale – … Hey Blind, My acquaintance got an offer at Amazon as an L4 Business Analyst in Seattle, and I'm trying to figure out the compensation bands for this level+role to determine how much can be negotiated for. View Amazon Software Engineer, Product Designer, Product Manager, Software Engineering Manager, Business Analyst, Data Scientist, Sales, Recruiter, Marketing, Hardware Engineer, Technical Program Manager, Solution Architect, and Management Consultant salaries broken down by level. Is this a good offer?

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