afternoon tea etiquette course

Some corporations are beginning to conduct business meetings over afternoon tea versus the business lunch. Only two meals were served per day during the nineteenth century, breakfast in the morning and dinner at 8 pm. This course is the perfect treat if you are celebrating … Having proper etiquette at afternoon tea means you’re not loudly slurping your tea or talking with your mouth full. If you have ever hosted an afternoon tea party, you may have also wondered what to cook/bake and how to serve the courses, too. ... Of course … Afternoon Tea. Our Tea Etiquette course will take you through the history of afternoon tea as well as teaching you all about the etiquette of this theatrical social event. Correct manners and etiquette can get you noticed, so here are some top tips to ensure you can take tea like The Queen. Afternoon tea can seem intimating since it appears so proper but once you know basic tea etiquette… Having proper etiquette at afternoon tea is very important, especially when in a traditional setting. Tea and Tea Etiquette. Afternoon teas can be elegant formal or informal affairs with two people to large tea affairs. Whether you are out for Afternoon Tea or arranging your very own Tea Party, you can now incorporate the correct etiquette and manners into your event. It was first started by Anna Russell, the seventh Dutchess of Bedford, who was the lifelong friend of Queen Victoria. Afternoon Tea Etiquette Afternoon tea is a tradition that dates back to the 1840s. Afternoon Tea Etiquette. One major aspect of afternoon tea etiquette … During these first "teas," a small amount of food was served. Well, now you can take tea the proper way. The menu grew as tea … The duchess of Bedford was the first to take afternoon tea around 4 p.m. to stave off hunger pangs. Anna, would feel hungry in the late afternoon … Etiquette is basically good manners. Discover how to finesse the gentle art of taking tea, and etiquette with our tea course. Tea Etiquette for Afternoon Teas. Afternoon teas are little social events that you want to consider giving when you have to entertain a visiting friend, celebrate a special occasion, throw a house warming party or a bridal shower.

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