aea r84 vocals

AEA R84. However, you may find that positioning the microphone closer or further away from the singer yields better results depending on the voice, the room or the musical style. Our experience with the R84 is that it sounds best on vocals when used at a distance between 6 to 24 inches (15-60 cm). Advantages of ribbon mics- the better ones are simply great mics. ... Vocals. From AEA R84, you can easily increase the bottom end of vocals, bass, and drums. AEA R84 LARGE Ribbon Studio Recording Vocal Instrument Microphone + Cable + Case - $1,446.67. Belonging to a special subcategory known as “ large ribbon mics “… The AEAR84 ‘s “pill-like” capsule design, closely resembles that of a large diaphragm condenser. AEA R84 Large Ribbon Studio Microphone with Cable and Carrying Case Based on the character of the legendary R44, R84 series ribbon mics provide classic tonality with extended top-end and reduced proximity effect for medium and close range recording. The smooth, high-frequency roll-off and reduced sibilance of the R84 make it the first choice for engineers when tracking vocals or other instruments that often sound harsh when recorded with condenser mics. AEA R84 is about $1000, and the newer R92 is $800 or so. It can deploy multiple applications. Features of AEA R84 … R84 series ribbon mics are a staple in numerous recording studios because of a unique tonality and classic sound. It can manage ups and downs in the music seamlessly. FOR SALE! YOUR BEST SOURCE FOR PRO AUDIO GEAR Free shipping on Domestic orders* 263558648750 Capable of handling better than 165 dB SPL at higher frequencies, when used on vocals or instruments the AEA R84 offers a performance that is intimate, warm and detailed, yet never harsh. As you might guess by its looks… It’s an especially popular microphone for vocals…despite being intended more a multi-purpose mic. 4. Ribbon Microphone AEA R84: 88 images, 14 videos, 8 user review(s), 2 prices and 1 classified AEA R84. At just 0.00007 of an inch, the ultra-thin, low-tension ribbon element of the AEA R84 ensures a quick response, whatever the application. They are great for vocals, guitar cabs, and brass in particular. In fact, AEA have been working with high-performance ribbon microphones for over 20 years, and the subject of this review is another 'large ribbon geometry' microphone, called the R84 — but this time the mic has been designed from the ground up for the modern studio, rather than being a … AEA R84 Classic Passive Ribbon Mic. Using this ensures you reducing proximity effect.

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