a level french worksheets

Relative pronouns Record and Self-Evaluation Sheet for UK teachers (edit online), The decline of marriage Gap fill song lyrics for Hors Saison by Francis Cabrel Note that the above three booklets have been significantly changed from earlier versions to take greater account of the new oral requirements, i.e. Interview with a pediatric surgeon A-level grammar revision sentences to translate (harder ones) Euthanasia, Women in France Music industry in France Texts with exercises Unemployment - Worksheets & Game, FRENCH - School Subjects & Time Table - Worksheets. Top 10 sea movies - matching task and vocabulary (AS) Olympic Games A gilet jaune gives her account Subjunctive lesson plan by Sarah Shaw (Aspirelanguages), Resources for the above lesson plan (some cutting out needed for student cards) – from Milanpresse/Vimeo (AS), Lumière brothers – invention of cinema – from ijour1question (AS), Two students talking about films – from francebienvenu (AS), Cinema data for 2017 – from France 2 (AS/A), Christelle talks about a film – from France Bienvenue (no video) (AS), Describing a film – from i-catcher-online/EMC Publishing (AS), La terre est ronde (Song by Orelsan) from Youtube (AS), Je ne regrette rien (Song by Edith Piaf) from Youtube (AS), Derniers Baisers – holidays topic (Song by Laurent Voulzy) from YouTube (AS), Savoir aimer (song by Florent Pagny) – from YouTube (AS), Hors saison (song by Francis Cabrel) – from YouTube (AS), Frontières – song by Yannick Noah from YouTube (AS), Aux Arbres Citoyens by Yannick Noah – from Vevo/Youtube, a corrida (song by Francis Cabrel) – from YouTube – animal rights, Restos du coeur (2) – from 1jour1question/YouTube (AS), Restos du coeur (3) – from TV8Clermont/YouTube/, Voluntary work – from France Bienvenue/Youtube, Interview with a young volunteer – from Youtube (AS), La Ligue contre le cancer – from La Ligue contre le cancer/Youtube, An app for linking volunteers with the elderly in Paris – from CNews/Youtube, Société connectée – a system for detecting falls in a residence for the elderly – from F3/Youtube, Actress Marion Séclin talks about cyber-bullying – from Youtube (A), CULTURAL HERITAGE, FESTIVALS, TRADITIONS Video listening Using dont Illiteracy Present subjunctive - irregular Jules et Jim 2, Extract from Candide, ou l'optimisme Square – from Vimeo/1jour1actu/France TV (A), Lucie Aubrac – heroine of the Resistance(A), Young people’s political engagement – from Radio France/YouTube (A) NEW 19.4.20, Racial discrimination at night club doors in Brussels- from RTBR.BE/Youtube (A), Violence at demonstrations- from France 24/Youtube (A) T, he National Front changes its name- from Euronews/Youtube (A), Front (Rassemblement) national – from 1jour1question/YouTube I, ntroduction to politcs – from 1jour1question(A), Role of the president – from 1jour1question(A), What is jihad? Conditions. Travellers (gens du voyage) Bullying in school (AS) Faits divers with focus on passive You can print off for students to work independently (e.g. Immigration and integration Tourism in France (AS) AO4 Knowledge portfolio (AQA) Holidays Abuse against women in France (A) Nelson Mandela Ordering task for above Cut, fold, color and learn with these French farm animal flashcards. Household chores (AS) Passive voice - matching task (AS) Interview with a fashion designer Eduqas/WJEC vocab and oral questions booklet Six translations into French with stimulus texts A-level (Year 2) translation sentences. Video games (AS) Household chores and divorce rates (AS) Volunteering (see parallel gapped version below) Food wastage, Gap fill for above Subjunctive oral/written drills Female genital mutilation Living on the street The potato! Pros and cons of TV (AS)

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