12'' newtonian telescope

The best thing about this 12-inch reflector telescope is that it features fully coated eyepieces that allow you to choose the magnification at which you want to observe the desired celestial object. Thanks to that feature you will always be able to know where your telescope accessories are and you never have to worry you will lose them. I purchased this scope for public nights to mount on my modified atlas mount. This is one nice focuser, and due to its steel drive rail and other upgrades, you will find that it suffers from very little flexure, even under heavier imaging payloads. Sky-Watcher's 12" f/3.93 Quattro Imaging Newtonian Telescope has been specifically engineered for astrophotography and astro-imaging performance. I was glad I read comments and ordered a 50mm extension for the eyepieces, the 35mm that came with it was not enough. It allows you to aim the telescope and to locate your favorite celestial object without bending your neck. It is specially designed to provide you with the most comfortable user experience. All of our Imaging Newtonian optical tube assemblies, offered in apertures from 6 inch- 12 inch, have very fast optics for the widest fields p Image with a DSLR or small webcam all the way up to large sensor CCD camera with these inexpensive yet effective Newtonians. If you are looking for the best price/value ratio, … A Dobsonian telescope is actually a Newtonian telescope set on an altazimuth base that allows you to adjust the telescope according to your needs. You will be able to see a close-up of the Moon and the planetary system. This 12-inch Dobsonian telescope offers many user-friendly features. Not ideal as this is another place for tilting of the imaging plane to occur. That being said, with a coma corrector and my KAF-8300 camera, the field was perfectly flat with no sign of astigmatism. translation missing: en.products.notify_form.description: Notify me when this product is available: If you are looking for a telescope that does a great job of imaging but doesn't come with the cost of a Ritchey Chretien, check out the TPO Imaging Newtonian line of telescopes! That means that you can choose a celestial object you want to observe via the remote controller and the telescope will automatically center and track the desired object. Can't wait to do some planetary work with it. The ridged focusing knobs are easy to turn, even with gloves on, and the 10:1 microfocusing dial allows for very small changes, or tweaks, in focus. If you are looking for a imaging light bucket you could do much worse than this baby. That means that you can choose whether you want to observe a wide field of view or if you would like to see specific details on one object. As you move the telescope it will count down to the zero until you reach the desired object. In this post, you will find the reviews of the five top 12 inch Dobsonian telescopes currently available for sale. It get moved weekly as I travel around the country and bounces around in the back of my SUV all the time. I have bought and sold a lot of scopes. The inside of the OTA is painted in a matte black finish, which stops stray light in its tracks. Another great thing about this 12-inch telescope is that it features a two-inch Crayford style focuser that comes with all-metal bearings. Inteliscope object locator that comes with this 12-inch Dobsonian telescope allows you to punch in a specific object you want to observe and it will direct you towards it with arrows, for example, 20 degrees up, down left or right. I am very hard on my astro-gear. All of the GoTo system motors and hardware are already pre-installed on to the base of this telescope. The optical tube assembly on the 3rd Planet Optics Imaging Newtonian telescope is made of rolled steel and painted white. There are threaded holes on the underside of the rings that allow installation on either a Vixen-style or Losmandy-style dovetail plate. A 91% aluminum coating is applied, and then over-coated with a layer of quartz for the ultimate in durability. They even designed the tube rings to be light weight. You will be able to easily aim this twelve-inch telescope at the celestial object you want to observe. All information you can find on BestTelescopesReviews.com use on your own responsibility. Opt was great to deal with as usual. Why not go down to 3”, then adapt to 2”? Sky Watcher Quattro 300P Imaging Newtonian - Large Aperture 12-inch Reflector Optical Tube for Ast… There is also a little knob on the bottom of the focuser that controls the tension, so that you can make adjustments depending on the weight or distribution of your load. Steel is a bit heavier than traditional aluminum, but since it has a lower coefficient of thermal expansion, your telescope will tend to hold its shape (and therefore, hold focus) as temperatures fluctuate throughout the night. One of the most important ones is definitely the right-angle finderscope. I would recommend this tube assy as long as your mount handles 50lbs easily. A low vibration cooling fan is built into the primary mirror cell of the telescope to assist in cooling your optics down quickly. Still not sure what is the right gear for you? We will be glad to help. In my opinion, the best two 12 inch Dobsonian telescopes on this list are SkyWatcher Collapsible Dobsonian and Orion SkyQuest Dobsonian Telescope. Another very user-friendly feature of this 12-inch telescope is the eyepiece tray that is located on the side of the telescope base. Thanks to that feature you will be able to control this telescope using a tablet or a smartphone and capture the most beautiful photographs of the sky that surrounds us.

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